Wheelchair-Bound S’pore GrabFood Rider Gets Married, Internet Celebrates Their Love

Wheelchair-Bound GrabFood Rider Got Married On 30 Nov

We face many adversities in life and many seek to overcome these challenges, including 40-year-old Sumaiyah Ghazali.

If that name rings a bell, that’s because she went viral earlier this year, for working as a GrabFood rider despite her condition, which left her wheelchair-bound.


Recently, Ms Sumaiyah made headlines again, for another heartwarming reason — the GrabFood rider got married on 30 Nov.

Berita Harian congratulated the newlyweds on 1 Dec, wishing them all the best.


Here’s the post’s translation:

To the wheelchair bound GrabFood sister who’s known by many, Berita Harian wants to wish you all the best as a new bride!

Ms Sumaiyah Ghazali and her husband got married yesterday. 

We hope that you’ll be happy together till Jannah (paradise).

GrabFood rider got married on 30 Nov

According to Berita Harian, Ms Sumaiyah and her husband tied the knot last Saturday (30 Nov).


It seems like they had a simple ceremony at an HDB void deck, surrounded by their loved ones.


Works as GrabFood rider to contribute to her family

Ms Sumaiyah suffers from cerebral palsy, which renders her unable to walk. In a video with Berita Harian, she explains that her fingers are weak too, because of her condition.


Unfortunately, this made working in normal office jobs difficult too, because she would drop papers often.


Ms Sumaiyah enjoys being a GrabFood rider because her “service is useful for the community”. She added that with her pay, she can treat her parents to meals.


If her siblings were the only ones working, she would “feel useless”. Her gratitude towards her family gives her the “motivation to be independent”.

Congratulations, Ms Sumaiyah

Thank you, Ms Sumaiyah, for inspiring us all with your tenacity and positivity.

MS News would also like to wish Ms Sumaiyah and her husband all the best for their new chapter in life. May they have a blissful and loving marriage.


Featured image adapted from Berita Harian on Facebook

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