WP Charity Collects Used Furniture & Appliances To Give To Needy Families In Aljunied, Hougang & Sengkang

Before, during and after the General Election (GE) period are the peak moments when we get to see politicians in action as they try to win votes. Other than that, we rarely get to see them unless we attend events or catch an update on social media.

GE2020 has proven The Workers’ Party’s (WP) strong online presence, and they’ve continued to leverage on that.

Sharing the MPs’ contributions to the community no matter how small, the images move netizens’ hearts.

MPs help volunteers to carry heavy furniture

While the rest of us returned to our daily routines after GE2020, WP MPs have been earnestly helping the community in every small way possible.

As part of The WP Community Fund, they’ve joined volunteers in the Bluecycle initiative to help needy residents in WP wards.


Instead of leaving everything to the volunteers alone, WP MPs have often shown up to help carry the heavy items themselves.

Aljunied GRC MP Gerald Giam for example lifted huge mattresses which they delivered to a needy family in his Hougang-Punggol ward back in July.


Earlier today (16 Aug), MP for Sengkang GRC Mr Chua Kheng Wee helped volunteers move bulky furniture out of a home, to donate to a Rivervale beneficiary.


Certainly, MPs actively doing their part to attend to residents’ needs especially amidst this pandemic is such a heartwarming sight.

WP charity initiative reduces waste & helps those in need

How the Bluecycle initiative works is pretty straightforward. Anyone with a piece of furniture or appliance they don’t want anymore, but is still in clean and working condition can indicate their interest to donate in a form here.

The team will then check if there are families in need of those specific items before letting you know.

Only when they find a match will they contact donors to arrange a pick-up and drop-off. In the meantime, donors will have to hold on to the items while waiting.


The WP Community Fund (WPCF) team will arrive and collect the items for a same-day delivery, which is usually a Saturday.

Help our leaders help the less fortunate

To uplift a community is not the job of a leader alone; he or she always needs help from the rest of us.

Those keen on contributing to Bluecycle can access their online form, or visit WPCF’s website to find out how else you can help.

Let’s help our leaders help the less fortunate, and do our small bit for society.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.