Yishun GrabFood Customer Says Rider Has To Pay For Meal If It Doesn’t Arrive In 20 Mins

Post About ‘Entitled’ Yishun GrabFood Customer From 2019 Goes Viral Again

On days when we feel a little lazy, many of us will turn to food delivery apps to get our meals. And riders work all day long, doing their best to make the deliveries as quickly as possible.

However, sometimes, they may encounter demanding customers who present unreasonable requests.

On Friday (25 Mar), the Singapore Private Hire Car Drivers & Riders Community Facebook page shared that a customer requested an order delivered within 20 minutes.

If the rider failed to do so, the customer instructed the rider to pay for the order themselves. The viral post first emerged in 2019 on All Singapore Stuff’s Facebook page.


It’s been 3 years, but the incident sparked similar reactions among netizens now as it did back then, with many calling the customer out for being entitled.

Yishun GrabFood customer asks rider to pay for meal if delivered late

In the Facebook post shared on Friday (25 Mar), the GrabFood delivery rider received a delivery order from a customer in Yishun.

The rider was to collect the food from Northpoint City’s Swensens and deliver it to Skies Miltonia, a nearby condominium.

The customer noted that the food was to be delivered by 4.45pm, adding that if the food wasn’t there by then, the rider would “pay for it”.


According to the rider’s phone, it was already 4.24pm at the time. This would leave the rider 21 minutes to collect the order and deliver it to the condominium.

The Facebook post later went viral, garnering over 1,400 shares at the time of writing.

Netizens call out GrabFood customer for being entitled

The story of the “entitled” GrabFood customer first emerged in Nov 2019.

“Entitled” GrabFood Customer Expects Rider To Belanja If Meal Doesn’t Come In 20 Mins

It was originally shared on the All Singapore Stuff Facebook page by a contributor named Sarah.

Many called for the customer to be more empathetic to the rider back then. After all, they have been out and about for long hours.

Many echoed similar sentiments when the post was reshared on Friday (25 Mar).

yishun grabfood customerSource

Some said that the customer’s request was “unreasonable” as it did not consider the time needed to wait for the order at the restaurant and be delivered.


Others chimed in that what’s important should be the rider’s safety as they travel. Having to wait a little longer for the food should not matter.


Call for more empathy remains true today

Although an old post was reshared and went viral today, the clarion call for more understanding towards delivery riders still rings true.

Riders are often being presented with ‘special requests‘. While many try their best to fulfil them, the onus is also on customers to be reasonable.

After all, riders not only have to stand in line waiting for our meals, they also spend long hours in Singapore’s erratic weather travelling to and fro to complete our orders.

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Featured image adapted from Singapore Private Hire Car Drivers & Riders Community on Facebook.

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