Yishun Resident Opens Home To Delivery Riders After Seeing A Rider Caught In Rain

Food delivery riders are our capeless heroes throughout this pandemic. Rain or shine, night or day, they hustle hard just to ensure our food gets delivered.


Watching a food delivery rider struggle to cycle through a heavy downpour one day, a Yishun resident decided to show his appreciation for riders through tangible actions.

On Sunday (22 Nov), Mr Priveen Raj shared on Facebook that he is opening up his home to delivery riders to rest and recharge, especially on rainy days.


He also wished delivery riders well, thanking them for their hard work.

Yishun resident offers home for delivery riders to rest

Mr Priveen addressed his Facebook post to food delivery riders, especially those who ride or cycle.

To thank them for their service, he decided to offer his Yishun abode as a place for riders to seek refuge from the rain if they ever needed it.

Yishun resident delivery ridersMr Priveen’s home at Block 318A Yishun Avenue 9

Food delivery riders are even welcomed to drop by for a hot drink or just to simply wait out the rain.

Residing on the 2nd floor of Block 318A Yishun Avenue 9, Mr Priveen added that he and his wife are happy to share what they have with the hardworking folks who deliver their food and groceries.

Watching rider struggle in rain inspired him

Speaking to MS News, Mr Priveen shared that he was inspired to open up his house to riders after a recent encounter.

It had been raining heavily over the past few weeks and that faithful day was no different.

That evening, Mr Priveen was sitting comfortably in his home with a hot cup of coffee while waiting for a FoodPanda delivery.

Coincidentally, he noticed a GrabFood rider with a poncho on, struggling to cycle as the heavy rain was beating down on him.

Yishun resident delivery ridersImage for illustration purposes only

The poignant scene struck a chord in him as he realised how tough and unappreciated these riders are.

As he watched on, he saw how drenched riders got in the rain and the thought of them continuing their work that way made him uncomfortable.

With a strong belief that no one – especially in Singapore – should have to endure that, Mr Priveen was inspired to offer his home to the riders.

Hopes more Singaporeans will extend hospitality

Mr Priveen, who has himself been through challenging times in his life, is now passionate about helping other Singaporean entrepreneurs.

Speaking about opening up his home, he humbly expressed that it is just a small initiative. So far, 5-6 riders have taken up the offer.

However, it pains him that his hospitality towards food delivery riders is often met with surprise.

For Mr Priveen, this is a melancholic reflection of our society.

He wishes that more Singaporeans will extend their warmth to these riders and believes there is a sense of camaraderie to be found in it.

Yishun resident delivery ridersSource

He hopes that everyone can, for a start, leave a piece of fresh towel and a flask of hot water outside their homes for these riders.

Mr Priveen adds that it’s not just about how much we have to offer but also the intent behind it.

After all, everyone wants to be appreciated, and no one is more deserving than those who have made our lives easier.

Kudos to the Yishun residents

Kudos to Mr Priveen and his wife for the kindness and generosity they have for their fellow Singaporeans.

The scene of a food delivery rider caught in the rain, similar to that which inspired Mr Priveen, is one that we are often confronted with.

Yet oftentimes, we fail to see the food delivery rider beyond just the person who’s helping to fulfil our orders.

Being a delivery rider is tireless and sometimes, under-appreciated work.

Hopefully, Mr Priveen’s story inspires Singaporeans to better appreciate and extend our hospitality to these riders.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.