BlueSG Driver Forced To Cancel Reservation After Parking Spot Taken Up By BMW

Most drivers should know this by now, but it bears repeating: BlueSG, an electric car-sharing service, has charging stations located in carparks across Singapore.

Drivers of regular vehicles should not park at these lots. It’s illegal, and it’s inconsiderate.

Unfortunately, this has to be constantly emphasised because it seems some people just don’t get it.

Case in point: The driver of this BMW, who not only parked in a BlueSG lot, but in two of them.


A photo of the dastardly deed was submitted to Facebook page Roads SG.


The page proceeded to suggest that such offenders be wheel-clamped.

Female driver was returning BlueSG car

Last Saturday (21 Nov) night, a driver known only as Ms Ong was attempting to return her BlueSG vehicle in a designated lot at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre.

A space was automatically reserved for her by the BlueSG app, and one would think that it’s a great way to ensure there’s a place to park no matter what.

Unfortunately, when she arrived she was greeted by the sight of a BMW parked in the lot assigned to her.


The car was so big that its rear end spilled out into the lot next to it, meaning it was effectively taking up 2 lots.

Driver had to cancel reservation

As there was no way she could park in the lot reserved for her, she had to cancel the reservation.

She ended up parking elsewhere, she said.

Possibly due to the roadside parallel parking layout of the carpark, it’s too bad she couldn’t do what another BlueSG driver did when faced with a similar situation — block the offending car from leaving.

Instead, she shared her frustration at the driver, calling him “self-entitled” due to their driving expensive cars.

Suggestion to wheel-clamp offenders

The post by Roads SG called the BMW driver “irresponsible”.

They suggested that errant drivers like these should be wheel-clamped, with a penalty of $200 to unlock the clamp.

In fact, they said the wheel-clamp should be provided in all BlueSG car boots, so drivers can immediately clamp the wheels of offenders when they find them parking in their lots.

illegally parked bluesgA BlueSG car in a lot reserved for it. Photo for illustration purposes only.

Right now, there are already punishments for offenders. Motorists who park illegally at reserved lots face fines of $35, $70, and $100 for motorcycles, cars, and heavy vehicles respectively.

Uncooperative motorists may also have their vehicles clamped or towed away. They may also face a maximum composition fine of $400 or even court action.

Spare a thought for others

BlueSG carpark spaces are reserved for BlueSG cars only, and parking there might cause inconvenience for drivers of BlueSG cars, who won’t be able to park elsewhere to end their rental session.

So no matter how urgently you need a parking space, do spare a thought for others. And please, park within the lines and don’t take up more than one lot.

If you come across instances of HDB parking lots being misused, do call the parking enforcement hotline at 1800-338-6622.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.