$300 Fine For Breaching Safe Distancing Rules Twice, 3rd Offence Will Get You Charged In Court

First-Time Violators Will Be Issued A Stern Warning, Minister Masagos Says

Social distancing is now more important than ever, with the ‘Circuit Breaker‘ in place. Singaporeans are expected to maintain a safe distance whenever they leave the house, whether they’re exercising at a park or queueing up for food.

Unfortunately, the gravity of the situation doesn’t seem to have set in with many Singaporeans just yet — 10,000 safe-distancing advisories were issued in the first 2 days of the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period, with some people even insisting on eating out.

On Thursday (9 Apr), Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Masagos Zulkifi took to Facebook to remind the public of the strict punishment they would face if they continued to breach safe distancing rules while in public places.


$300 fine for 2nd offence and court charge for 3rd

In his post, Mr Masagos made it clear that violators of safe distancing measures would be sternly dealt with.

Though you will get just a written warning on your 1st offence, your 2nd offence will land you a $300 fine. If you break the rules a 3rd time, you will be charged in court.


Court charges and fines are definitely not to be taken lightly, and neither should safe distancing measures.

Safe distance is 1m, young and old should stay at home

Mr Masagos also reminded people of the safe distance that they should stay from others: 1 metre.

He also urged old people to stay at home as they are the most vulnerable, and young people to meet their friends online, not in person.

‘Circuit breaker’

As Mr Masagos said, there’re only 25 days left of the ‘Circuit Breaker’. If we just get acquainted with our new stay-at-home routines and safe-distancing measures, it’ll be over before we know it.

That said, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong also said in a Facebook post on Thursday (9 Apr) that the ‘Circuit Breaker’ may last longer if people “take liberties” with the measures.


We sincerely hope such an extension doesn’t happen.

Everyone needs to observe safe distancing for it to work

Safe distancing is a community effort, and everyone needs to observe it to make it work. It’s as simple as minding your distance in the MRT, or keeping away from others while you’re queuing to buy food.

If an area is crowded, wait a little while before entering to ensure there’s enough room to keep your distance from others. This isn’t just to keep ourselves safe, but others too.

Please keep safe, and maintain a safe distance when you’re out. A fine and court charge is a much lighter punishment than being stuck by illness.

Featured image adapted from Twitter and Facebook.

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