Bukit Batok Park Rubbish Bins Overflow With Trash From Visitors

Singapore is often touted as a ‘clean and green’ city.

But this reputation doesn’t come without effort from every resident in the country. All it takes is a little social responsibility and a sense of hygiene.

A woman lamented the sorry state of an overflowing rubbish bin at a park in Bukit Batok in Singapore Hikers Facebook group on Monday (5 Apr).


She urged hikers to do better by bringing their trash home instead to ensure that rubbish bins doesn’t overflow.

Rubbish bins at park in Bukit Batok filled with too much trash

According to the Facebook post by Ms See, she spotted a rubbish bin overflowing with trash at Fuyong Interim Park in Bukit Batok recently.


To make matters worse, tons of trash were also strewn around the rubbish bin, comprising mostly empty bottles, cans, cups, and plastic bags.

While Ms See recognises the effort of visitors bringing their trash to the appropriate location, it’d be a better gesture to toss their trash into a bin that isn’t already overflowing.


By leaving trash around the rubbish bin, said Ms See, it defeats the purpose of the bin’s existence, which is preventing animal pilferage.

She suggested that hikers should bring their own trash back home – as practised in certain countries like Taiwan – or at least hold on to it until they find another rubbish bin.

Netizens propose alternate solutions to solve problem

Many netizens have also chimed in with simple yet effective solutions to this problem.

This user kept it short and succinct by suggesting visitors to bring their own drinking bottles.


While some may have suggested for bigger bins to be provided, one user stated that fixing the crux of the situation is key.

Like Ms See, he too thinks people should be educated to bring their own trash home, just like the Japanese.


While Singapore is littered – pun intended – with rubbish bins, this guy led with an anecdote about his experience in Taiwan.


According to the man, rubbish bins are not commonplace in Taiwan. Therefore, citizens are conditioned to dispose of their trash by bringing it home.

Be a considerate citizen

Whether you’re visiting parks or a public space in general, do be considerate.

Do not litter despite knowing we’re blessed with hardworking cleaners working round the clock to ensure that we get to live in a clean environment.

Also, Singapore’s not only known for just being a ‘clean and green’ state, we’re a pretty ‘fine’ city too.

Littering is considered a crime in Singapore, so think about that before you let go of your trash at an inappropriate place.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.