S’pore Bus Captain Notices Figure On Upper Deck But No One’s There When He Checks

Singapore Bus Captain Spots Ghostly Figure On His Bus

No matter the time of the day or the place, alleged paranormal sightings can still happen.

On Monday (13 Feb), a video was posted on the Facebook group Supernatural Confessions.

It shows a bus captain in Singapore noticing a figure sitting on the upper deck of the bus.

However, the driver was the only person on board at that time.

When the driver went to check the upper deck, the entire bus was empty. Shudders.

The paranormal sighting took place in the early morning

In the video, the driver appears to be pressing several different buttons frantically. He seems extremely nervous.

Source: Supernatural Confessions on Facebook

The driver then mentions, “It’s too early for something supernatural to happen.”

He then pans his camera toward the screen above him, which shows surveillance footage of the upper deck of the bus.

From the timestamp on the clips, the incident took place at around 7am on Friday (10 Feb).

Horrifyingly, what resembles a black figure is seen sitting down in one of the seats with a foot sticking out.

Source: Supernatural Confessions on Facebook

The ominous figure appears to frighten the driver, who goes on to say in disbelief, “It’s too early for this. How can there be someone upstairs?”

However, when the driver makes his way up to check on the upper deck, it is completely empty.

Source: Supernatural Confessions on Facebook

Netizens equally frightened

The chilling recording spooked netizens as well.

One Facebook user shared that if he were the driver, he would have called in sick and not worked for the rest of the day.

Source: Supernatural Confessions on Facebook

Another sarcastically remarked that this paranormal sighting was a great way to start the driver’s day.

Source: Supernatural Confessions on Facebook

On the other hand, sceptical netizens suspected that the video with the figure could have been recorded when a (human) passenger was upstairs and replayed for the sake of the post.

Source: Supernatural Confessions on Facebook

Well, ghost or not, this definitely sent a chill down our spine.

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Featured image adapted from Supernatural Confessions on Facebook.

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