Cabbage Man Tea Set Pays Tribute To Endearing Character, Share Cuppas With Avatar Lovers

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Artist’s Cabbage Man Tea Set Concept Celebrates The Recurring Avatar Character

“Avatar: The Last Airbender” may have ended long ago but we’ll fondly remember some of the characters forever — even the minor ones like the Cabbage Man.

cabbage man tea set

Source: Behance

For those who need a refresher, he was a merchant who had his goods continuously destroyed throughout the show.

Though he was only on the sidelines, an artist conceptualised a cabbage tea set to honour his memory, and it looks absolutely stunning.

cabbage man tea set 1

Source: Behance

Cabbage tea set looks like it’s made from real leafy greens

CGI artist Julio Martin worked with Nickelodeon to conceptualise the Cabbage Man Tea Set. True to its name, it’s entirely made out of elaborately designed leafy green cups and a teapot.

cabbage man tea set 2

Source: Behance

Anyone with an eye for detail will appreciate the intricate leaves that seemingly look hand-painted.

Source: Behance

The sides of the cup are also curled to mimic the shape of the real-life vegetable. According to the artist, he integrated simple yet fun shapes to align with the show’s style.

Source: Behance

Show it off for tea time

We can all agree that the tea set is undeniably gorgeous, whether or not you’re a fan of the show. Just like the cabbage man, you might even yell, “My cabbages!” when showing it off to house guests.

Source: Behance

Perhaps you can even share cuppas with childhood friends or siblings who watched the Nickelodeon show with you.

Source: Behance

Even if you don’t intend to serve tea in these unique pieces, they’d look great in a display cabinet, complete with the wooden crate bearing the name “Avatar” across it.

Hope tea set becomes an actual product

Since the cabbage tea set is only a CGI design, it’s not available for purchase. For now, we can only hope that Nickelodeon or a skilled artisan would make it a reality.

Regardless, many netizens want this beautiful tribute to the cabbage man in their own home. Maybe you can even toast to Uncle Iroh who was a dedicated tea connoisseur.

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Featured image adapted from Julio Martin on Behance

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