Cat Beds In Void Deck Are The Closest Thing To Being Indoors For Strays

Life isn’t fair for animals, and for some stray cats, it’s unfortunate that they might never get a forever home, especially since HDB rules still prohibit cats in flats.

Realising this, a kind netizen has stepped up to provide basic shelter for our furry friends that are sleeping rough.

cat beds for stray cats 1Source

Cat beds set up in void decks

A netizen shared in a Facebook post on Monday (13 Jul) that she had attempted to set up “cat beds” in HDB void decks.


From the photos she posted, these beds are positioned inside cabinets or on top of comfy chairs abandoned at the void decks.

Her soft beds for the strays even come with sheets that she says she will change regularly.

She hopes that this simple initiative will enable community cats to feel the comfort of staying “indoors”.

Block sweepers allow set up

Stray cats and dogs often sleep on the bare floor in public spaces or secluded areas. In contrast, animals who have loving owners can relax in a secure home and get delicious treats regularly.

To level the playing field, the netizen asked her block sweepers for permission to set up “cat beds” for the strays in the neighbourhood.

As her block sweepers are apparently also animal lovers, it seems that she received the green light.

Thanks to her initiative, this cat finally has a nice “unit” where it can seek refuge during rainy days.

cat beds for stray cats 2Source

This cat can finally sleep like a log because of its soft and comfortable cushion.

cat beds for stray cats 3Source

Meanwhile, this furbaby is getting comfy and dozing off on a chair cushion.

cat beds for stray cats 4Source

Netizens approve of cat haven

Fellow animal lovers approved of the simple initiative, and hoped that more cats will get to experience the high life.

A netizen was delighted to know that there are people who are willing to provide our community cats with basic care.


Some comments wished blessings on the wonderful people behind the initiative.


Similarly, this touched netizen said humans who have homes to return to should be grateful and give back to these strays.


A simple act can go a long way

Many stray cats rely on the kindness of locals for access food and shelter.

While they may live an independent life, it’s heartwarming to see that they can also get their very own “unit” where they can take cover from the elements.

The netizen’s heartwarming gesture may seem simple, but it goes a long way for these strays, and shows that even simple acts of kindness can transform their lives.

What do you think of this initiative? Let us know in the comments.

Featured image from Facebook and Facebook.