Man Films Stray Cats Eating & Their Sounds Make Glorious ASMR Material

YouTube Channel Featuring Stray Cats Eating Crunchy Kibbles & Slurping Puree Is Oddly Calming

If you thought cats are cute and adorable, you need to check out these videos of stray cats eating food ASAP.

YouTube channel – 新山和敬 (Niiyan1216) – features a Japanese man feeding stray cats on the streets. The channel – which has garnered 12,200 subscribers – features hundreds of cat videos.


These cat videos are so relaxing that you’ll find yourself watching them for hours, especially while staying at home all day.

Adorable cats eating make for glorious ASMR

This Japanese man’s aim is simple — he sees a cat, he feeds them.

According to Kotaku, the anonymous cat lover has uploaded videos of himself feeding strays for at least eight years. His videos’ styles are akin to a ‘mukbang’ or video where people binge on food, only this time the cats are the star of the show.


The videos are less than a minute long. Most feature a different cat munching treats. They’re strangely soothing and calming.


While some of us are naturally inclined to be lone wolves, these cats prove that lunch is best when you’re enjoying it with a friend.


Everything a cat does is unbearably cute, including drinking water.


We bet cat owners will immediately want to try recording similar videos with their felines just to cure their ‘Circuit Breaker’ boredom.

An entertaining channel but with a good cause

There are many cats without a home in the city.

Just like people without roofs over their heads, these fuzzy felines may need help finding food to survive.

If you’re an animal lover who’s more inclined to help, feed them when you can, but remember to do so responsibly. You wouldn’t want to leave a mess and upset the residents nearby.

Featured image from YouTube.

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