This Corgi Is A Meme King Whose Many Faces Express How 2020 Has Gone So Far

Corgi Named Gen From Japan Is A 2020’s Meme King

2020 seems like a never-ending roller coaster ride with a lot of ups and downs.

They say there’s a meme for every occasion and we’ve found that a doggo can accurately express all of our feelings for this wild year.

A corgi from Japan named “Gen” from Japan has garnered 146,000 Instagram followers for his whimsical expressions. His account – Instagram handle @genthecorgi – seems to be an archive of derpy memes.

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Naturally, we matched Gen’s expressive pictures with relatable events that happened in 2020.

1. Before 2020 travel plans got axed

In January, we were optimistic about travelling to Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan—until all our plans quickly turned to dust.

If you’re stuck at home bookmarking travel destinations, don’t miss this picture of Gen as a sakura fairy.

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Here’s to hoping we can see the cherry blossoms next year.

2. Panic buying in supermarkets

Kiasu Singaporeans went on a mass hoarding spree due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

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We imagine that the expressions they wore while rushing to buy toilet paper, face masks, and sanitisers looked a little like Gen.

3. Social distancing at home

In an attempt to avoid crowded areas, many of us have been staying indoors like the Internet’s favourite corgi.

We think Gen’s pouty face is a literal representation of our ‘stayed-at-home-for-too-damn-long’ mood.

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The pandemic may have forced us into isolation, but at least we’re closer to flattening the curve.

4. 3am knockout after wild Zoom party with friends

After clubs and bars closed, we’ve turned to having wild Zoom parties with our friends to stay sane.


Just like Gen, we’ll be passed out after explaining our woes and celebrating milestones during late nights.

5. BBT shops closing during ‘Circuit Breaker’

The rise of Covid-19 cases in March did not stop BBT fans from joining long queues. Once these shops were ordered to close during ‘Circuit Breaker’, we were all shook.


6. BBT shops reopened during Phase 2

We finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel when BBT shops and F&B outlets reopened during Phase 2.


This is us, feeling cute, heading out for that long-awaited cuppa — 25% sugar, extra pearls, less ice hazelnut milk tea.

7. Surprise GRC win for Workers’ Party

Jamus Lim’s live debate definitely warmed the cockles of our hearts. After the Workers’ Party won the Sengkang GRC, many citizens were excited about the future of Singapore.


Since Merlion is our national symbol, we chose this picture of Gen as a lion cub seemingly running towards a bright future.

8. Bedok North flash floods

Scientists predict that Singapore could be submerged due to climate change. We finally got a taste of the future after witnessing flash floods in Jurong West and Bedok North.


Perhaps we’ll be swimming with the fishes like this doggo after a few decades.

9. Haze season on the horizon?

Pundits were concerned that haze season might return to Singapore after Indonesia reported 700 fires.


But just like dengue and Covid-19, we’re optimistic that we can conquer this next challenge from the universe. In the meantime, we’ll remain cautious like our furry friend.

10. Eating durian for comfort

No matter what the world throws at us, our favourite fruit will be a source of comfort. That’s why this picture of Gen starting at her treat is all of us feasting on MSW durian while trying to survive 2020.


Corgi has many illnesses

Gen might seem like a carefree meme king from the outside, but he has a fair share of problems too.

He was born with an incurable hereditary chronic renal failure.

This led him to experience polydipsia (frequent thirst), polyuria (frequent urination), high blood pressure, malaise, and anemia, according to BoredPanda. Due to his complex circumstances, he often returns to the clinic for blood tests and dialysis.

Thanks to the love and care he receives from his owner, he seems to make sincere expressions which prove he’s living a happy life.


Corgi is a meme king

Whether you’re in for some good news or bad news, you can always mark the occasion by browsing through Gen’s adorable reactions. You can follow him on his Instagram account @genthecorgi to view more photos.

Some of us may be experiencing hard times due to the pandemic, but this doggo reminds us we can face adversity with a smile.

This catastrophic year is only halfway over so stay tuned to his updates for some wholesome pics that can put a smile on your face.

Featured image adapted from Instagram, Instagram & Instagram

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