Elderly Covid-19 Patient Gets First Glimpse Of Sun After A Month, Beautiful Moment Captured In Viral Picture

When in isolation, it’s easy to forget simple pleasures such as being able to go outdoors or talking to others.

But even a view of the sunset can be priceless for those who’ve been stuck in hospital, some for months.

A photo of an 87-year-old Covid-19 patient with his doctor admiring the Wuhan sunset has gone viral on Weibo, reported China Daily.


Patient had been in isolation for a month

According to China Daily, the elderly patient had been in isolation at Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University for about a month, receiving Covid-19 treatment.


Being stuck indoors for that long, while being sick, is enough to depress anyone.

His doctor Liu Kai said he thought watching a sunset might lift his patient’s spirits.

He had this thought while looking up at the sunny sky as day slowly turned into night.

So, after a CT scan on Thursday (5 Mar), Dr Liu stopped the hospital bed on the way back to the patient’s room.

Doctor also wanted to enjoy sunset after working Covid-19 shifts

Amidst the Covid-19 outbreak, doctors and nurses have been working round the clock to provide care, meaning they too are missing life’s simple pleasures.

So for Dr Liu, the view of the sunset also lifted his spirits. He said,

Since coming to Wuhan, we have been working shifts around the clock. I also wanted to enjoy it awhile.

Happily, Dr Liu reported that the patient’s mood improved from the simple act, falling asleep soon after his return to isolation.

That seemingly effortless act of freedom was enough to give a ray of hope to the patient, who awaits his own day of freedom.

“Add oil” to those fighting Covid-19 on the frontlines

For the 27-year-old Dr Liu, the sunset was an invaluable experience, as it was a much-needed relief for both him and his elderly patient.

As they viewed the sunset, we also wonder: when will we get to see the sunset on this virus that has infected over 100,000 worldwide?

Perhaps, with the efforts of those fighting Covid-19, we may yet be able to bid farewell to the virus as well.

And so, we cheer on everyone who’s battling day and night: maybe we can bring some small joy to their lives too.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Google Maps.