S’pore Cycling Federation Discourages Group Rides With More Than 5 Riders

Going out with friends for a healthy dose of exercise can definitely make our days brighter — but joining large groups is still not allowed.

On Thursday (6 Aug), the Singapore Cycling Federation (SCF) discouraged cyclists from joining groups with more than 5 riders.

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This comes after the organisation received several complaints and feedback due to mass group rides in Upper Thomson Road.

Here’s their post in full. We summarise the advisory below.

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Crowd of cyclists in Upper Thomson Road

On 15 Jun, MSNews reported that readers spotted a hoard of cyclists at Old Upper Thomson Road. From a distance, it’s unclear whether the row of riders managed to sustain a 1-metre distance at all times.


While masking up isn’t a requirement for these individuals engaging in strenuous activities, a netizen was concerned over clusters developing from the large gathering.

SCF receives complaints about group rides

Months after the incident, it seems that mass group rides remain a constant problem. SCF revealed that daily rides occurring in Upper Thomson Road have led the organisation to receive more complaints.

Image circulating via WhatsApp video

Meanwhile, social media posts gaining traction feature groups cycling dangerously, with some resulting in unfortunate accidents.

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Police reports have been lodged, but authorities warned SCF about stricter surveillance and enforcement operations to avoid similar cases.

Max groups of 5 only

Due to the ongoing pandemic, congregating in large groups is still not allowed. As such, SCF discouraged S’pore riders from taking part in such activities.


Here is a list of Government guidelines that riders must keep in mind:

  • Only join groups with a maximum of 5 riders.
  • Maintain a safe distance between groups.
  • Mask up immediately upon finishing your ride.

The organisation also advised members to discourage their friends and family from joining mass group rides. If these incidents continue, then the cycling privileges of the organisation could get nullified.

Avoid group rides until the pandemic subsides

Although Covid-19 cases may have declined in Singapore, we must remain vigilant because the disease is highly contagious.

Mass social gatherings are still not allowed so avoid joining such groups until we get the green light from the government. Every effort counts in avoiding another ‘Circuit Breaker’ so remind your friends and family to follow the rules.

The easing of government restrictions in the past few months give us hope that we’ll get our normal lives back. In the meantime, let’s all continue to make small sacrifices so we can safely hang out with everyone in our communities.

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