S’pore Dog Influencer ‘Gives’ Gold Bracelet To Helper As Thanks For Taking Care Of Him

Golden Retriever ‘Gives’ Gold Bracelet To Helper Who Took Care Of Dog Since Puppyhood

Many Singaporeans rely on domestic helpers to manage their household chores and care for children.

So sometimes they deserve a little something for lightening families’ burden — even a dog can recognise that.

A Singapore doggo thus “gave” a gold bracelet to his helper as a reward for her hard work over the years.

Source: @wreckitcooper on TikTok

In doing so, the goodest boi became a golden boy indeed.

Dog is an influencer with 139.7K followers

The handsome dog, Cooper The Goldie, is actually a golden retriever who’s also an influencer.

Source: @wreckitcooper on TikTok

Any influencer worth their salt has a sizeable following, and to date, Cooper has more than 139,700 followers on TikTok.

That also means, like any human influencer, he gets hired for paid social media campaigns by well-known companies like Prime Video.

Source: @wreckitcooper on TikTok

Dog ‘gives’ bracelet to helper by holding box in mouth

Some of that moolah has apparently gone into a golden gift for his family’s Indonesian domestic helper.

In a TikTok video posted earlier last week, Cooper was seen living up to his breed as a golden retriever by waiting for her in the room with a long red box in his mouth.

Source: @wreckitcooper on TikTok

As she came in and saw Cooper, a look of joy spread across her face, probably from seeing the cute dog with a box in his mouth as much as the gift itself.

Source: @wreckitcooper on TikTok

Speaking of the gift, Cooper’s humans bought her a gold bracelet with the earnings of the dog’s paid TikTok campaigns.

Source: @wreckitcooper on TikTok

Helper has been taking care of dog since puppyhood

They also revealed that the helper has been taking care of Cooper since he was a little puppy.

Source: @wreckitcooper on TikTok

Thus, his success as an influencer is definitely due in part to her efforts as well.

Their bond can also be clearly seen in the helper and dog’s obvious affection for each other.

Source: @wreckitcooper on TikTok

Netizens swoon at sweet scene

Many netizens swooned at the clip, with many saying how sweet it was.

Source: @wreckitcooper on TikTok

One approved of the gift, saying that the helper deserves it — to which Cooper’s human agreed.

Source: @wreckitcooper on TikTok

Some cooed at how Cooper was being the goodest boi, while his human quipped that he’s now the golden boy.

Source: @wreckitcooper on TikTok

Golden reward from a golden boy

Anyone deserves a reward when they’ve done well in their job. Kudos to Cooper’s humans for using part of his earnings to buy a gift for their helper.

Source: @wreckitcooper on TikTok

While Cooper can’t speak human words, we think he agrees that the woman who tirelessly cares for him richly deserves it.

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Featured images adapted from @wreckitcooper on TikTok.

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