Dubai Tourist Transferred S$900,000 To Repay Korean Man For His Kindness

They say kindness can be rewarding and a recent story proves it.

Sin Chew Daily reported that a man in South Korea was approached by a tourist from Dubai. The tourist lost his wallet and wanted to borrow 300,000 won (S$347.46).


Most people in this situation would be skeptical, but the kind Korean man gave him money. They then exchanged contact numbers. A few days later the tourist paid him back and transferred 800 million won (S$926,561.44) to his bank account.

Here’s how one kind gesture was paid off by thousands of dollars.

Dubai tourist asks for money

According to World of Buzz, the man walked alone in the streets in South Korea.

He was abruptly stopped by a tourist from Dubai who had lost his wallet.


The kind Korean listened to the stranger’s woes and discovered that he wanted to borrow around S$347 (300,000 won).

Not a lot of people would be generous to a stranger, but the Korean man trusted him instead. They traded contact information so the man would be able to pay him back.

A few days later the Dubai tourist got in touch with the man. He wanted to know the Korean man’s account number so he could pay back what he owed.

To his astonishment, he found around S$926,561 (800 million won) in his bank account. The massive amount of money was apparently a token of gratitude for the kindness he showed.


The Korean man then shared the unbelievable story on the Internet which has gone viral. Some netizens jokingly wanted to know where they could find a tourist from Dubai who would need a helping hand.

Be kind to others

The story shows that we should always be kind.

While most people around us aren’t millionaires, we should endeavour to help those in need. Losing your wallet can be quite frustrating and scary for tourists stuck in a foreign land. So, kudos to the Korean man for his act of kindness.

Have you ever lent a helping hand to others? Let us know in the comments below.

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