Free Sentosa Entry Extended Till 31 Mar 2022, Visit The Beaches For Dec Holidays

Sentosa Extends Free Entry Until 31 Mar 2022

As the year-end holiday season draws near, we know many are brainstorming plans with the fam. If you’re on a budget, we’ve found a deal that you can keep taking advantage of.

Sentosa is extending its free entry promo until 31 Mar 2022. Previously, this offer was scheduled to end by next Thursday (30 Sep).

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This news comes at an opportune time, especially for those who are already drawing up plans for their year-end holidays.

Free entry to Sentosa till 31 Mar 2022

Sentosa has always been the go-to destination for local holidays with friends and family. No matter how many times we go there, the excitement never seems to wane.

The good news is, visitors can enter for free via the Sentosa Express or their own vehicles until 31 March 2022.

Because of ongoing travel restrictions, the resort has extended its free admission promo for the fourth time.

Locals arriving through the Sentosa Express can use their EZ-link card and enter, free of charge. An alternative option is to approach a Service Ambassador to get inside.


For drivers, a locally registered IU is all you need to pass through the Sentosa Gantry. However, those with a non-locally registered IU must bring their Autopass Card.


Check out promos for December holidays

Sentosa’s free entry promo is a delight for locals eager to make lasting memories with their loved ones. After all, we’ll be able to allocate more money for activity passes and tickets throughout the upcoming December holidays.

We recommend checking out promos and offers featured on the Sentosa website to save up on attractions and staycations.

Start planning your holiday activities in advance, so all you and your fam or BFFs will have to do when the time comes is enjoy themselves and relax.

Visit the beach for Dec holidays

Due to the ongoing pandemic and lack of travel options, many Singaporeans will spend their holidays on the island.

Visiting our local beaches isn’t a novel experience. But as the popular saying goes, it’s not where you go, it’s who you’re with.

As long as you’re surrounded by people you treasure, you’re all set for a happy holiday.

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