Japanese Artist Frosts Animal Crackers, Now They Look Like Emojis IRL

During our childhood years, we learned about different animals by munching on Ginbis Dream Animal Biscuits.

While the classic butter crackers will surely bring back memories, a Japanese artist provided these snacks with a savvy upgrade.

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Japanese artist known as sp – @spcookies20 – gave these nostalgic Ginbis Dream Animal Biscuits a much-needed redesign. Rather than words, the crackers are embellished with animal illustrations.

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The aesthetic reminds us of the lively emojis we use in everyday life.

Animal crackers get vibrant upgrade

As children, we nibbled on the Ginbis Dream Animal Biscuits to expand our vocabulary with new mammals and reptiles.

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Over the years, you might’ve grown out of these treats. Yet, the vibrant frosting by this Japanese artist may encourage you to return to your childhood favourite.

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Frosted animal crackers as emojis

This bundle of animal crackers vividly reminds us of downloadable emojis and GIFs in online chats. If you wanted to use exotic creatures to react to your friends’ comments, they would probably look like this.


Upon closer inspection, you’d notice the painstaking detail in each biscuit. For instance, this turtle cracker has a shell with meticulously proportioned patterns, while the sheep’s fleece has numerous ‘bumps’ to depict the fluffy texture.


To speed up the learning process of your kids, you can probably encourage them to match the frosted crackers with the original version marked with words.


A set of new animals is regularly posted by the artist. If you can’t find your spirit animal yet, you can probably spot them in the weeks to come.


We’re a big fan of the peacock cracker with intricate feathers, as well as the parrot cracker with green and blue contours.


Hopefully, we’ll get to see more colourful and creative animal crackers soon.

Artistic crackers a throwback to our childhood

Animal lovers can take inspiration from these creations to make their own frosted animal crackers.

We might not be able to recreate the thin lines and lifelike details, but we can try.

While we have yet to learn Ginbis’ reaction to this artist’s painstaking endeavour, we hope it inspires the company to launch eye-catching crackers that we can buy in local stores.

If you want to check out more phenomenal crackers, you can follow the artist on Twitter.

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Featured image adapted from Twitter.