Furret Neck Pillow Sits On Your Shoulders In Defense Curl For Comfier Travel Naps

Pokémon Japan Has Furret Neck Pillow That Curls Up On Your Shoulders

As excited as we are to be able to travel long distances again, one thing that we didn’t exactly miss was the distinct feeling of having a sore neck during long flights and bus rides.

While it’s a small sacrifice to endure for an amazing trip, there’s a piece of new Pokémon merchandise to help you prevent this minor setback.

Pokémon has launched a Furret Neck Pillow that will be available at Japan’s Pokémon Centre from today (18 Jun).

furret neck pillow

Source: Pokémon Global News on Facebook

The long and slim Pokémon, with its signature cream-coloured fur and dark brown rings, can curl up in your arms or around your neck for comfier travel naps.

And it also happens to be irresistibly adorable.

Furret neck pillow is a clingy travel buddy

For non-fans, Furret is a Pokémon that closely resembles a striped ferret. The fictional character loves to run around grasslands, but prefers to just curl up and relax during naptime.

furret neck pillow 2

Source: Pokémon Global News on Facebook

Once asleep, Furret has a calming expression that will also lure you into a peaceful slumber. Or just squeal in delight.

furret neck pillow 3

Source: Pokémon Global News on Facebook

Many Pokémon are trained to perform the Defense Curl move to protect themselves during combat — but we never thought it would look so cute until now.

Despite its stubby limbs and smol paws, Pokémon fans know that this creature can be very fast and agile.

Source: Pokémon Global News on Facebook

Mother Furrets are known to curl themselves around their offspring to help them fall asleep. Perhaps having one curl up on your shoulders will help you to unwind too.

Source: Pokémon Global News on Facebook

Part of Pokémon Forest collection

The Furret neck pillow is priced at about S$46 (¥4,400) and was released as a part of the Pokémon Forest collection.

Other than the neck pillow, you’ll find figurines, cushions, bags, and all sorts of other kawaii merchandise you’ll definitely want to get your hands on, regardless of whether you’re a Pokémon fan or not.

Source: Pokémon Global News on Facebook

According to Pokémon Global News, the items, including the plush pillow, are also available on Meccha Japan, which ships internationally.

Bring Furret along for future travels

We’ve seen massive Pokémon like Snorlax and Gengar turn into comfy sofas that can help you nap like a boss.

However, this Furret neck cushion is definitely more portable, making it an ideal companion for long travels. We won’t be surprised if your plane seat neighbour asks you where they can get one of their own.

Will you be ordering one of your own Furret neck cushions? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured image courtesy of Pokémon Global News on Facebook

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