Grab Rider Spills Food But Customer Tips Him Instead, He Feels Thankful For Her Kindness

Grab Rider Spills Food & Soup Onto Ground, Customer Tells Him Not To Blame Himself

Being a food delivery rider is a tough job. Not only do they have to travel extensively while braving the elements, they have to deliver food swiftly and safely.

For one delivery rider, he accidentally spilled his customer’s food on the ground as the paper bag that contained it was too flimsy.

He was very apologetic to the customer and asked if he could replace it or compensate her. Not only did she refuse, the customer even left him a tip.


The rider shares that he is fortunate to meet such considerate customers and asks everyone to be empathetic towards others.

Food spills when Grab rider hands food to customer

On Wed (11 Nov), Mr Se posted his experience in the GrabFood Delivery Rider Singapore Facebook group.

He said the soup he was in charge of delivering had spilled out and dampened the paper bag that it was packed in.

So when he was passing the food to the customer, the paper bag gave way at the very moment.


Mr Se quickly apologised to the customer and offered to return to the stall to deliver another. When she refused, he offered to compensate her instead.

In response, she simply told him not to worry about the spilled food as she understood the difficult nature to the job.

She added,

It really doesn’t matter, and you don’t need to feel guilty or blame yourself.

Customer gives $5 tip

Mr Se then left feeling guilty. But he received another kind gesture shortly after.

After he fulfilled his next food order, he realised that the customer has given him a tip of $5.


Expressing his gratitude, he said,

She is really nice, kind and considerate. I am very lucky to meet such customer. Thank you and truly appreciate it.

Be kind to everyone you meet

Having experienced such an act of kindness, Mr Se called on others to be kind and nice to others as well.

We never know what another person is going through and a little gesture can instantly lift their spirits. Let’s work towards building a compassionate society.

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