M’sian GrabFood Rider Carries Toddler On Delivery Trips, Gets New Motorcycle From Kind Donor

GrabFood Rider Carries 1-Year-Old Toddler On Delivery Trips

Playing the role of a parent is no easy feat. Oftentimes, they have to make sacrifices that don’t see the light of day, all for the sake of their children.

While many may think that sacrifices for parents mean spending less time with their kids, the opposite rings true for a GrabFood rider in Malaysia, who carries his toddler around while making deliveries.

His plight went viral on TikTok, and seeing this, a kind donor came forth to get him a new motorcycle, in hopes that it’ll ease some of his burdens.

@abamskhaiJom doakan Amirul dapat memikul tanggung jawab dengan penuh dedikasi♬ A warm piano instrumental ballad(808701) – NOPPO MUSIC

The touching moment was filmed as the GrabFood rider teared up and thanked his donor profusely.

GrabFood rider braves weather while carrying toddler on delivery trips

Malaysian philanthropist Ebit Lew shared his meeting with the GrabFood rider in a Facebook post on 18 Jun.


The video accompanying the post follows the father going about his day as a delivery rider, with his toddler strapped to the front of his body.

Source: Ebit Lew on Facebook

During one of his food pick-ups, a lady behind the counter looks at the hardworking father with a sympathetic gaze.

Source: Ebit Lew on Facebook

The video then cuts to Mr Lew walking towards the GrabFood rider at a parking lot.

The father, shielding his toddler from the harsh sunlight with a napkin, greets him before they engage in a conversation.

Source: Ebit Lew on Facebook

The video subsequently cuts to another scene of Mr Lew speaking with the father in a cooler, seemingly sheltered spot, presumably to learn more about his difficulties.

GrabFood rider tears up while sharing his story

As the father shares his story, he starts tearing up and wiping the tears from his eyes.

Source: Ebit Lew on Facebook

While it’s unclear what he told Mr Lew, the rider had previously shared with TikToker @abamskhai that he only started bringing his 1-year-old child along for work roughly a month ago, when his wife started working. She was reportedly a stay-at-home mum before that.

After sending his wife to work at 9am, he would begin his delivery rounds till the evening or even later if the weather permits. The rider, who said his name is Amirul, also has three children in total — the toddler, another young child in his mother’s care, and one school-going child. The family lives with Amirul’s parents.

Perhaps after learning these details, Mr Lew hands Amirul a wad of cash, after which the clip cuts to the latter entering a vehicle.

Source: Ebit Lew on Facebook

The video then briefly focuses on Amirul’s motorcycle which has evidently seen better days.

Source: Ebit Lew on Facebook

GrabFood rider gets brand new motorcycle

The preceding scenes only start to make sense when the video shows Mr Lew in a motorcycle shop.

Source: Ebit Lew on Facebook

They were apparently there to get Amirul a new motorcycle.

He eventually settled on a black and yellow one, which he posed with, finally with a smile on his face.

Source: Ebit Lew on Facebook

After signing some documents, Mr Lew and Amirul embraced before going their own ways.

Philantropist offers to pay for a nanny to care for toddler

According to the caption in the Facebook post, Amirul had to borrow a motorcycle from his in-laws to perform his job.

Though his wife works at a clothing boutique, the family is struggling with financial challenges.

Pitying their toddler, Mr Lew stated that he had asked Amirul to find a nanny. He also offered to cover the full costs, for which the GrabFood rider thanked him profusely.

Hope father continues to do his best for his child

In an ideal world, we’re sure the father would not want to bring his child around while he makes deliveries, especially considering the dangers on the road.

Unfortunately, his circumstances have clearly left him out of options.

We hope that Mr Lew’s kindness has helped relieve Amirul’s burden, if not just for now, but for sometime to come, particularly once he can entrust someone to care for his child.

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Featured image adapted from Ebit Lew on Facebook.

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