Terminally Ill Grandpa Jios 3 Sons For One Last Beer & Cheers To A Life Well-Lived

Grandpa Jios Sons For A Final Beer On Death Bed & We’re Still Crying

The passing of a loved one is never easy. With every passing day, we continue to long for a chance to relive precious memories with them, one last time.

For a man named Adam, his grandfather’s dying wish was simple. He wanted to enjoy one last beer with all his sons. Thankfully, a final toast is exactly what he had.


The beautiful picture depicting the emotional scene quickly went viral on Twitter on Thursday (21 Nov), as condolences poured in from netizens all over the world.

Here’s why this elderly man’s final ‘cheers to life’, will give us the strength to celebrate the lives of our loved ones, even when they’re gone.

Grandpa gathered sons for final beer on death bed

Adam’s terminally ill granddad had lived till the ripe old age of 87, but eventually had stage 4 colon cancer. He was reportedly “relatively healthy” for most of his life.

Mr Schemm, from Wisconsin in the United States, gathered his family when he “realised it would be the end”, reports Yahoo News.

As a final wish, he simply wanted to share his fondest memories with his closest kin – his wife and 3 sons – over beer on his death bed.


As the precious time they had left drew to a close, Adam snapped a picture of their gathering — a fond memento of his last hurrah & ‘cheers’ to a life well-lived.

Netizens share their final moments with loved ones

As the touching picture made its rounds around Twitter, many shared their condolences for his meaningful gesture.


Several Twitter users also jumped in to remember those who were dearly missed too.

This grandma’s preferred ‘cheers’ was done via “shots of Bailey’s”, in this heartwarming post.


This netizen enjoyed rooting for his late dad’s favourite team in a final baseball game accompanied by a chilled bottle of beer.


Finally, we think this netizen summed up the meaningful experience best.


He noticed Adam’s grandpa’s satisfied smile, and shared that his grandpa wished for “a cigar and a beer”, which they made happen — calling the picture “one for the books”.

Treasure your loved ones & keep them close

After 87 years of a life well-lived, we’re glad that Adam’s grandpa enjoyed a final reunion with his dearest sons.


As we remember the dearly departed in our lives, let this story inspire all of us to treasure the precious moments we have with those we love, and to always keep them close.

We can only hope to go out on such a meaningful note. But first, we must live our lives to the fullest, just like Grandpa Schemm.

Featured image adapted from Adam Schemm on Twitter.

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