ITE College Central Roof Collapses Due To Rain Accumulation, Repair Works Ongoing

Roof Gave Way At ITE College Central, Rainwater Seen Pouring Down

Singapore has been experiencing some erratic weather recently. One moment it’s bright and sunny and the next, it’s pouring.


Though torrential rain almost always brings cooler aircon temperature, it brings about a fair share of issues too.

On Tuesday (10 Nov), footage of a partial roof collapse at ITE College Central surfaced on Instagram.


Thankfully, no one was injured as a result of the collapse.

ITE roof collapses allowing rain pours down

On Tuesday (10 Nov), Instagram account Sgfollowsall shared pictures and videos of what looks to be a partial roof collapse at ITE College Central.

It was presumably raining at the time and videos showed rainwater pouring down from the collapsed portion of the roof.


The ground floor right below the collapsed roof appears to be cordoned off.

Some netizens even found humour in the situation, joking that it was a natural waterfall comparable to the one at Jewel Changi Airport.

ITE roof collapsesSource

Water pouring down caused indoor garden soil to “spread out”

Unfortunately, the mess did not stop there.

The area where the ceiling collapsed happened to be right above a small landscape garden.

ITE roof collapsesSource

With rainwater streaming down, the soil particles at the garden appear to have ‘splashed’ all over the ground floor.

ITE roof collapsesSource

The continuous flow of rainwater seems to have caused the soil to accumulate at the ground floor of Block A.

ITE roof collapsesSource

Malfunction in roof pump

Speaking to MS News, an ITE spokesperson said a segment of the “bubble fly roof” at ITE Headquarters had given way.

ITE roof collapsesSource

This was due to a malfunction in a roof pump that subsequently caused rainwater to accumulate on the building’s roof.

ITE roof collapsesSource

Under the weight of the rainwater, a part of the roof’s membrane eventually gave way, causing water to flow down.

Fortunately, there were no injuries as a result of the incident and repair works are now underway.

Glad no one got injured

Needless to say, the incident certainly left quite a mess to clean up.

But most importantly, we are glad no one was injured.

With repair work still ongoing, we hope the rainy weather will let up in the coming days so the workers will have an easier time doing their job.

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Featured image adapted from Instagram and Instagram.

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