This Koi Pond Cake Looks So Pretty, We Might Have To Keep Otters Away

Baker Makes Koi Pond Mousse Cake, Looks So Realistic It Could Deceive Otters

Just when you think you’ve seen every cake known to man, a creative take comes out to surprise you.

Grace – whose Instagram handle is @petrichoro – created a 3-dimensional koi pond mousse cake for Father’s Day. Initially, she admits that she’s been too intimidated to start, but eventually, she took the plunge and became astounded by her results.

Her post went viral and she now has 11,000 likes at the time of this article.


As we remember all the koi fish that our local otters have eaten, here’s to hoping that this version stays safe.

Koi pond cake

In her post, Canadian baker Grace shared that the koi pond mousse cake has been on her to-do list for the longest time, but she’s glad she finally took the plunge in honour of Father’s Day.


Her efforts led to a koi pond cake that could even deceive our local otters.

Just like a real-life fish pond, you’ll discover koi fish happily swimming in the ocean, pastel pink water lilies, and cattail stems emerging out of the pond.


Creating an ambitious cake

For curious bakers, Grace shared that the cake is made from 4 layers:

  • Agar almond jelly
  • Blueberry mousse
  • White chocolate mousse
  • Black sesame chiffon cake.

The transparent “pond” is a mixture of bean paste and agar-based jello.

Since Grace loves to create small and intricate items, she had so much fun working on the miniature koi and lilies.


Everything on the cake is made from edible ingredients. The cattail stems are made of dry pieces of bamboo which are “technically edible”, according to Grace.

This project involved a lot of trial and error so she stayed up until 5am, but the effort seems worth it.


We’re eager to compete with our local otters for a slice of this beloved cake.

Adorable baking projects

This isn’t the first time that Grace managed an ambitious baking project.

Last June, she baked adorable macarons featuring fictional characters like No-Face, Catbus, Kiki, and Ōtori-Sama. If you’re a Studio Ghibli fan, then these whimsical snacks can easily take you back to your childhood.


For BBT fans, she conceived a Totoro or Rilakkuma inspired choux au craquelin with a brown sugar boba filling. The kawaii creation proves that the world will never run out of creative BBT innovations.


More ambitious creations to come

Grace Grace – Instagram handle is @petrichoro – has koi pond mousse cakes that will make our local otters turn green with envy.

Her ambitious creations are not available in the market, but she uploads tutorials for some of her creations on her Instagram account.

We’ve fallen in love with her innovative baking ideas so we hope to see more creative concoctions in the future.

Featured image from Facebook.

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