Woman Starts Smol Library At Queenstown HDB Lift Landing

One man’s treasure is another man’s trash. However when it comes to old books, we often find ourselves wondering how to properly recycle them.

Keeping them in our curation is plausible, but as one’s collection grows, it becomes a challenge to house them in our homes.

Some would say throwing away books would be akin to committing a crime to the author.

For one woman, she solved this problem by setting up a smol library at the lift landing outside her HDB flat at Queenstown.


Let’s explore this wonderful little nook for lovers of literature.

Save books from being thrown away

In a post on Books Don’t Throw Facebook group, a mother called Yvonne Looi shared her tiny library she had set up outside her home.


According to Ms Looi, she kickstarted this initiative because she wanted to promote reading and more importantly, save books from being thrown away.

Also, building kampung spirit among the community was another goal of hers too.

Smol library at Queenstown HDB aesthetically done up

The space constraints of a lift landing did not stop Ms Looi from making this lil library pleasing to the eye.

Sometimes, minimalism has its charm too.

In addition to the oak-wood shelf, she even added a plant to liven up the aesthetics of the library.

Image courtesy of Ms Looi

She told MS News that her toddlers are the ones who water the plant on the daily.

Image courtesy of Ms Looi

Those Phua Chu Kang rainboots are absolutely adorable.

Smol library already has regular tiny visitors

Although it has only been a month since the library was set up, many visitors have already frequented this cute space.


Ms Looi said,

Already we see several regulars from different floor toddling to the shelf enjoying the books.

As adorable as these tiny humans already are, seeing them read makes it all the more heartwarming.

Netizens lovin’ this initiative

The post has since garnered tons of love from netizens.

This user commended Ms Looi for nurturing the young on responsibilities and a love for reading.


In addition, many others have came forward offering to donate their unwanted books.


Although this user’s concern about Covid-19 is completely warranted, Ms Looi has gone the extra mile to provide a hand sanitiser at her library.


She has also written a note for users to sanitise the books after using the facility.

If you wish to pop up to check out their collection or donate some old books, you can head to:

Little Library at Queenstown HDB

Address: 27 Ghim Moh Link, Singapore 270027

Kudos to Ms Looi for this kind initiative

The main driving force behind this library is to prevent books from being thrown away senselessly.

But above all, it most importantly encourages children to start reading from a young age.

With technology in play, even adults are plenty guilty of choosing a Netflix show over books.

If anyone is interested in contributing to this smol library, more information can be found here.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.