McDonald’s China Has Coriander Sundaes, Lose Your Chill Over These Pungent Desserts

McDonald’s China Has Coriander Sundaes For A Limited Time

Coriander as a dessert ingredient is pretty much controversial. So far, this hasn’t stopped food outlets from concocting coriander cakes, mooncakes, and bubble tea — and it seems McDonald’s is diving into this trend too.

Mcdonald’s China is offering coriander sundaes with lemon coriander sauce and leafy crumbs. The unique product is available for a limited time from 21 to 25 Feb.

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As expected, netizens are either delighted or horrified by this surprising reveal.

McDonald’s China launches coriander sundaes

McDonald’s China has launched coriander sundaes that seemingly blend sweet and sour flavours. The dessert has leafy herbs that could either make your mum proud or gross her out.

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According to UDN, the vanilla ice cream is drizzled with green, lemon coriander sauce and sprinkled with coriander crumbs. Truly, a challenge for sensitive tastebuds.

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Even if the taste doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps the unlikely dessert’s health benefits might. Coriander is a healthy herb that can improve cardiovascular health and lower blood sugar among others.

Like it or not, at least it’s good for your health, so avoid being a picky eater if you can handle its unique tang.

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GirlStyle Taiwan claims the sundae tastes similar to the peanut roll ice cream from Taiwan brand Yilan. So, it probably deserves a chance.


The dessert is easily affordable at S$1.40 (¥6.6). Regardless of your first impression, you should probably try it once before handing out your verdict.


An odd yet intriguing combination

Whether you’ll welcome this dessert creation or lose your chill over the use of coriander, you can’t deny that it’s quite an intriguing combination.

Even if few may want to try this flavour, we’d love to see it reach our shores just to witness the great debate unfold over whether coriander is delicious or not.

Would you want to try these coriander sundaes? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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