Singapore Teen Gets Scolded After Ordering McSpicy At Carpark Intercom

With many young people trying to gain clout on social media, they might resort to certain actions or pranks that can often be a nuisance to others.

Recently, a teen tried to prank a carpark intercom operator by ordering 2 McSpicy meals through the intercom.

The teen had a good laugh for a while before the operator said he would call the police.

Upon hearing that, he immediately tried to calm the operator down before running off with his friends.

Teen orders McSpicy through carpark intercom

A video of a teen trying to prank a carpark operator was posted on Facebook by Beh Chia Lor on Tuesday (16 Nov).

However, the specific time and date of the incident are unclear.

Though the teen thought it would be funny to “order” 2 McSpicy meals through a carpark intercom, the operator was not having it.

The operator replied there was a CCTV nearby and would be calling the police to arrest him and his friends.

Upon hearing that, the teen put up the peace sign, probably to signal that he meant no harm.


After the operator warned him and his friends to run before the police comes, the teen said ‘bye’ and tried to end the call by pressing the intercom button.


Carpark operator scolds teen & says he’ll call the police

As the operator kept going, the teen quickly asked him to relax. However, the operator said the police have already arrived and can see the teen and his friends still playing around through the CCTV.

The teen told the operator to have patience and that if he does not answer, he will have sinned. He then apparently sarcastically said “Assalamualaikum” which means “peace be upon you”, to the operator who customarily replied to his greeting.

However, perhaps knowing the teen was not sincere, the operator added that the police will come either way and the teen’s pictures would be submitted.

Peace, it seems, is not an option.

The teen repeated the phrase a couple of times, before ending the video by smiling at the camera.


Since the video ended abruptly, it was unsure as to what happened next.

Do not be a public nuisance

While the teen might have thought the prank was funny, it was only disturbing the carpark operator.

Hopefully, the teen will learn to be more considerate of others and refrain from repeating such actions.

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Featured image adapted from Beh Chia Lor on Facebook