S’pore Construction Workers, Cleaners & Security Guards Get Free Milo Peng As CNY Gifts For Their Hard Work 

5-Year-Old Boy’s Kindness Inspired Sincere Contribution From Milo Singapore

Chinese New Year (CNY) is many Singaporeans’ favourite holiday, and for many reasons — from food to family to money, the list goes on and on.

However, amidst the celebrations, we may forget to commemorate the people who make our lives a little easier too.

This CNY, Milo Singapore decided to thank the unsung heroes of our society by treating them to a cup of refreshing Milo peng.

Image courtesy of Nestlé Singapore

Workers received over 6,000 cups of Milo peng

On 23 Jan, workers at Avery Lodge Dormitory and HomeStay Lodge received over 6,000 cups of Milo, according to Milo Singapore.

Image courtesy of Nestlé Singapore

Though the gesture was simple, it was enough to put a smile on the workers’ faces, as they saw the drink as a form of appreciation for their contributions.

Image courtesy of Nestlé Singapore

Yusri Zal, a worker, was immensely grateful for the special treat. He told Milo Singapore that,

This is a nice thing that Milo has
done. I enjoyed the drink very much.

That’s not surprising at all, since a cup of Milo does wonders when it comes to warming our hearts and stomachs.

5-year-old boy gave Milo packets to construction workers

Milo Singapore actually drew inspiration for the event from an unlikely source – a 5-year-old boy named Buddy.

Prior to the event, Buddy had apparently distributed Milo packets to the construction workers, cleaners, and security guards in his neighbourhood.

Image courtesy of Nestlé Singapore

His simple act of kindness moved employees at Milo Singapore deeply, who recognise that such workers often don’t receive the appreciation they deserve.

Acknowledging unsung heroes

Milo Singapore has always been supportive of the local worker community. Buddy just inspired them to do their part and give back the same way he did – with kindness and sincerity.

Image courtesy of Nestlé Singapore

After the successful event, Milo Singapore hopes that the drinks had given them energy and the appreciation they should rightfully get.

Let’s continue to appreciate all workers

Buddy and Milo Singapore’s acts of goodwill remind us to appreciate the efforts of the individuals whose work we don’t often acknowledge.

Like other members of the workforce, they play an important role in upholding the fabric of society.

Workers are humans too, and we should treat them with respect at all times, not just during the festive season.

Let’s take this as a reminder to treat everyone with kindness regardless of their backgrounds.

Featured image adapted from MILO Singapore

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