Japan’s Deers In Nara Park Seen Resting At Parking Lots

The tourism industry of many countries has taken a hit due to the Covid-19 pandemic, including Japan.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Japan’s Nara Park has seen fewer visitors. Hence, the Nara residents decided to feed the deers occasionally to ensure they are of a healthy weight.

One resident who passed by the parking space in Nara Park was surprised to see several deers sitting obediently in each of the lots.


Amused, he excitedly snapped a picture to share it with others on Twitter and it went viral.

Nara deers spotted social distancing at parking lots

When travelling to Japan, one of the places most people would visit is Nara Park which is filled with cute and friendly deers.


Nara Park in Japan has also been seeing lesser tourists coming to interact and feed the deers. Hence, the deers have been losing weight due to the reduction in their diet.

Last March, the deers even desperately ventured out of the park in search of food.

Worried, many people in Nara decided to feed the deers when they can to ensure they remain healthy.

Recently, a Nara citizen who visited Nara Park in Japan saw something surprising. Instead of seeing cars parked in the parking space, he saw deers sitting obediently in each lot.


As it was such an interesting sight, he immediately snapped a picture and posted it on Twitter.

Social distancing Nara deers gain attention

It seemed like the deers were adhering to social distancing measures due to the space between each deer.

Since then, the post has gotten quite a bit of attention as many were amused at the behaviour of these cute deers.

Nara Park’s official Instagram (@naratourism_official) previously also posted a picture of their deers “social distancing” last May.


Hope Japan’s Nara Park will see more visitors soon

Hopefully, the Covid-19 situation will be under control soon so as to allow more tourists to visit the deers of Nara Park.

Thank you to the Nara citizens for taking such good care of the deers in the meantime.

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Featured image adapted from Steve_Eto on Twitter