This Year’s NDP Theme Song’s MV Goes From Black And White To Rainbows

The MV is sad and uplifting, both within the same song

Our grim, dark days of early post-independence return to haunt Singaporeans’ minds in the newly-unveiled music video for this year’s National Day Parade theme song, Our Singapore.

<<Music video – Our Home, Our Heart, Our Singapore>> Here’s Eric Khoo’s brand new video on the NDP 2015 theme song “Our Singapore” by Dick Lee. – Ng Eng HenNDPeeps

Posted by Ng Eng Hen – Defence Minister on Tuesday, 26 May 2015

We’ve covered the song when it first came out, and there’s not much to add because it sounds exactly the same whether played live or recorded.

Anyone looking for the song’s arrangement to change or be upgraded may be disappointed to find that the song in the MV still consists only of Dick Lee and a piano.

The MV, directed by Eric Khoo, is very negative. Literally.

Everything is in black and white, probably to depict how Singapore was really dark back then.



And then, with the magic of video production, the MV gains colour! But Dick Lee remains black and white (because his hair).



The MV then becomes very colourful, as we transition into the present and future. Maybe also powderful.

There’s actually some thought put into the MV, as this scene depicting Singapore’s ‘future’ shows a little girl and her plant:



Kids. The future. GEDDIT?!!!?!?!

And no MV about Singapore’s history will be complete without the landmark scene from when we won the Malaysian Cup in 1994.



We’re still talking about it to this very day, especially after the LionsXII just won the Malaysian FA Cup. No, they’re not the same thing.

Does justice to the lyrics

With an actual coherent theme, the Our Singapore MV succeeds in showcasing not just the past and the present, but also the future.

Kids are our future. Apparently, the future also includes skaters awkwardly fistbumping:



The song’s still kinda melancholic for a song that’s supposed to instil hope, especially when the black-and-white stuff was going on. We’re not sure if the right emotions are being triggered.

Nevertheless, the MV is good. It’s also not meant to be wholly nostalgic and make us cri everitiem.

What do you think about this year’s NDP MV? Did it make you cri everitiem or did you just feel like listening to Home on repeat for the nth time? Let us know!

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Featured image via Ng Eng Hen

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