Neighbours Who Share Home-Cooked Soup & Stew Warm The Cockles Of Our Hearts

We often talk about the kampung spirit and how we can foster a sense of community even behind closed doors.

This wholesome story about a bond rooted in a shared love for vegetables between a pair of neighbours is bound to put a smile on your face.

Here’s how a kind lady named Ms Cheung gave a little help to her 68-year-old neighbour during the Covid-19 period, and received a lot more in return.


We summarise the heartfelt tale posted on Friday (31 Jul) below & share why we think a little kindness always goes a long way.

Shared groceries with elderly neighbour during Covid-19 period

To minimise risks of the formation of Covid-19 clusters, most of us were encouraged to only head out to get essentials. Ms Cheung’s 68-year-old neighbour, who was living alone after her husband had passed away, took this advice to heart.

After learning that the retiree didn’t have children or a monthly income, Ms Cheung decided to deliver “meat, vegetables & fruits” from the market to her.

Elaborating in her Facebook post,

I give her beef, tomatoes, vegetables, fruits, onions, carrots, ginger, eggplant…so she can have sufficient food to eat during COVID. 😁

Wished to minimise risks for senior who lived alone

Sharing her grocery hauls applied to online purchases as well.

Ms Cheung wished to minimise risks for her elderly neighbour — especially if she had to step outdoors to go grocery shopping.

Little did she know that this small favour, would return to her soon in a heartwarming way.

Meaty surprise stew & nourishing vegetable soup

On Friday (31 Jul), Ms Cheung received a surprise from her neighbour — a meaty stew to satiate her and give her a much-needed energy boost for a busy Work-From-Home day.


Turns out, this wasn’t the first time Ms Cheung had received a home-cooked meal from her thankful neighbour.


Just 3 days ago, the senior had dabao-ed an entire Tupperware-full of warm, nourishing vegetable soup.


From the looks of both meals, we can observe that Ms Cheung’s kindness did not go unseen by her neighbour — with both containers packed to the brim with huge chunks of carrots, potatoes & well-stewed meat.

Sustenance for the soul

Ms Cheung rounded out this short anecdote with some wise words that we’ve taken to heart,

This is how we help each other during COVID. 🙌

And we couldn’t agree more.

We’re glad that this lady’s kindness towards her neighbour paid off in an unexpected but extremely fulfilling way. There’s nothing more nourishing for the heart and soul than a warm home-cooked meal.

Kindness often begets kindness

Hopefully this simple act will inspire us to continue fostering a kampung spirit in our communities as well.

Have you exchanged stews or soups with your neighbours as well? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.