S’pore Panda Cub Lets Out Huge Sneeze, Sounds Like Grandpa Trapped In Smol Boy’s Body

Little Panda Cub Lets Out An Unexpectedly Huge Sneeze

Every parent knows that watching a baby grow is an exhilarating process as they document every ‘first’ the little one has.

And Singaporeans have been following the development of our country’s very own panda cub with the same fervour, cooing over every new milestone.

Recently, the baby panda was caught on camera letting out a huge sneeze.

Many netizens were amused and surprised by his low sneeze, saying he seems almost like a grandpa trapped in a smol boy’s body.

Panda cub blinks multiple times before letting out a huge sneeze

On Tuesday (19 Oct), Mandai Wildlife Reserve shared a 21-second video documenting the baby panda’s big sneeze.

The close-up video of the cub shows him blinking multiple times as he lies on the faux grass carpet.

panda cub sneezeSource

He then calms down for a while before throwing his head back abruptly.

panda cub sneezeSource

The cub subsequently lets out a huge sneeze that sounds like a low growl.

Even the camera person appears to have been startled, as evidenced by the shaky footage during the sneeze.

Netizen says he’s a smol boy that sneezes like a grandpa

Netizens were amused by the cub’s sneeze, saying it was a loud one for such a little guy.

panda cub sneezeSource

Many others said they were expecting a high-pitched sneeze instead of the low growl by the cub.


This netizen even commented that the baby panda has a sneeze reminiscent of our own grandpas.


One thing’s for sure, however, netizens found the little one absolutely adorable.

Public following panda cub’s development closely

The baby panda has certainly captured our nation’s heart since his birth.

And Singaporeans have been eagerly following along his growth and development, from the appearance of his first black markings to his first weigh-in.

S’pore Panda Cub Weighs 1.5kg After 1 Month, WRS Credits Mum With Good Parenting

While his name has yet to be picked, the baby boy is growing well and it’s hard to believe that he had only first opened his eyes 1 month ago.

S’pore Panda Cub Opens His Eyes 40 Days After Birth, Weighs Almost 2kg Now

Now, he weighs over 3kg, his teeth are showing, and not to forget his latest achievement– a powerful sneeze.

S’pore Panda Cub Has 6 Smol Baby Teeth, Now Weighs Over 3kg

Can’t wait to see him hit more milestones

His growth thus far is certainly a testament to the love and care of his mother Jia Jia and the dedicated caretakers at River Wonders.

It’s been a joy for all of us to follow along the panda cub’s growth journey and we can’t wait to see him hit more milestones along the way.

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Featured image adapted from Mandai Wildlife Reserve on Facebook.

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