Over 7,500 Sign Petition Calling For S’pore To Transport Workers In Buses Instead Of Lorries

Change.org Petition Calls For Singapore To Make Transporting Workers In Buses & Vans Mandatory

With 2 recent fatal accidents involving workers being ferried in lorries, this begets the question of whether a change should be done to protect our migrant workers.

2nd Migrant Worker In PIE Lorry Accident Passes Away, Welfare Group Offers Family Support

A petition has been made to stop transporting migrant workers in lorries, but in buses or vans instead.


With over 7,500 signatures gathered at the time of writing, this is definitely a pressing issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Petition to stop ferrying workers in lorries

In a Change.org petition started by Ms Bridget Chen on 21 Apr, the woman called for migrant workers to be transported in buses or vans instead of lorries.

She highlighted the “double standards” regarding traffic regulations for migrant workers.

While typical passengers are required by law to wear a seat belt, workers ferried on the back of lorries do not have the luxury of doing so.

Emphasising that seat belts have been proven to save lives, she said we should give the same courtesy to migrant workers.

The back of lorries is not known to have seat belts, which means workers do not have sufficient protection when travelling between their dormitories and workplaces.

Hire vans & buses instead

Some feasible methods suggested by Ms Chen entail:

  • hiring vans, buses, or even old SBS buses
  • installing collapsible seats with seat belts as in Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV)


Outpouring of support from netizens

Many have shared the same sentiments regarding protecting our migrant workers from harms’ way.

This person believes that the lives of migrant workers are as important and precious as that of our citizens.


Another signee expressed that they felt sad seeing workers being transported in vehicles like cattle and urged employers to offer them the dignity they deserve.


Fellow signee echoed similar sentiments, saying that too many families have “lost dads, sons, and husbands”.


Unnecessary lives lost due to lack of safety measures

On 20 Apr, a 33-year-old migrant worker passed away in an accident along the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE). The man was seated at the back of the lorry when the accident took place.

Unfortunately, the accident took not 1, but 2 lives.

Mr Toffazal Hossain

The first deceased, Mr Toffazal Hossain, intended to return to Bangladesh in 2 months. Sadly, the second victim, Mr Sugunan Sudheeshmon, passed away 3 days later.

Lorry tips over in yet another accident

Despite the tragic accident on 20 Apr, another similar accident occurred on 24 Apr.

Lorry Flips On Its Side At Upp Bukit Timah Rd, 10 Men Sent To Hospital Including Migrant Workers

Thankfully, none of the workers seated at the back of the lorry met with fatal injuries. However, 10 men were sent to the hospital.

If you’re interested in making a difference, click here to sign the petition.

Petition calls to prioritise safety of migrant workers

Migrant workers are undeniably the building blocks of our society. More often than not, most of us are guilty of not giving much thought to their well-being.

However, with 2 major cases in recent days, it’s time to start thinking of measures to protect their lives.

Hopefully, the government and companies will start placing more safety protocols to ensure that such tragic incidents will not happen again.

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Featured image adapted from MS News reader and 8world News.

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