Diner Drops Phone Into Hotpot Soup, Drops It Again When Fishing It Out

Diner In China Drops Phone Into Hotpot Soup Twice, Fishes It Out With Ladles

Customer Drops His Phone Into Hotpot Twice In A Row

Dropping one’s phone is a rather common occurrence.

However, dropping one’s phone into a pot of boiling soup — twice, no less — is definitely far more unusual, not to mention painful.

In a TikTok video, a group of three friends was seen enjoying a delicious hotpot at a restaurant.

One of them wanted to show his friend something on his phone. However, just as he was about to do so, he accidentally dropped his phone into the pot of soup.


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Even after they fished out the device, he clumsily managed to drop it in a second time, much to the amusement of netizens.

Diner wanted to show something on phone to friend

The video shows a man in a white shirt looking at something on his phone with the girl beside him.

According to Chinese news reports, this happened on 15 May in Beijing.

Hoping to share what he was looking at with the other diner across the table, he stretches out his arm to pass the phone to his friend.

Source: @shoooooooooot on TikTok

All of a sudden, his fingers slip, causing his phone to drop and slide into the hotpot.

Source: @shoooooooooot on TikTok

His friend appears shocked and quickly attempts to take the gadget out with his hands.

Source: @shoooooooooot on TikTok

The man in the white shirt then scoops out his phone with a ladle, relieved to have retrieved it.

Source: @shoooooooooot on TikTok

Alas, his ordeal isn’t over just yet.

Drops phone into hotpot again

Just as he is about to rest his phone on the table safely, it slips into a different compartment of the pot.

Source: @shoooooooooot on TikTok

This time, he swiftly fishes out the phone with the ladles and finally manages to place it on the table without further incident.

Source: @shoooooooooot on TikTok

He then pulls out several sheets of tissue paper and begins wiping the phone profusely.

Netizens amused by the group’s reactions

Since being posted, the video has garnered over six million views.

Many netizens were shocked by the fact that the man made the same mistake of dropping his phone into the soup twice.

Source: @shoooooooooot on TikTok

Several TikTok users were also amused by the friend’s reaction.

Even though the phone had dropped into a pot of boiling hot soup, his first instinct was to take it out with his bare hands.

Source: @shoooooooooot on TikTok

Some netizens also joked that the friend must now be extremely curious about what the man was trying to show him.

Source: @shoooooooooot on TikTok

Hopefully, the man’s phone came out unscathed.

On the bright side, at least he — and his phone — are no longer in hot water.

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Featured image adapted from @shoooooooooot on TikTok.

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