Punggol Cat Suffered Fractures To Its Left Hind Leg, Pelvis & Vertebrae

Update: The owner has claimed the cat. Hope the cat will make a full recovery soon!

Singaporeans who have cats in their HDB flats will likely have wire mesh installed on their windows to prevent their feline friends from falling

But on Tuesday (16 Jul), a ginger cat with a bloodied snout and mouth was found at the void deck of a Punggol HDB flat, presumably having fallen from an apartment above.

Do note that the following pictures can be rather disturbing.


Ms Monteiro, the person who stumbled upon the injured cat, also took to Sayang Our Singapore’s Community Cats Facebook group, urgently seeking the owner of the cat.

Here’s her post in full:


Punggol cat found with bloodied nose and mouth

According to the post, the cat was found at the void deck of block 175A along Punggol Field.

The cat was allegedly bleeding from its snout and mouth and could have also sustained injuries to its hind legs.


The blood stains on the ground could have led the netizen to deduce that the cat had dragged itself to the spot where it was eventually found.


In an attempt to keep the cat “safe and warm”, the netizen wrapped the cat with a towel and placed it in a box.


The cat was later handed over to the SPCA at around 10am.

Suffered multiple fractures

Ms Monteiro provided another update later in the day.


As predicted, the cat suffered fractures to multiple parts of its body:

  • Left hind leg
  • Pelvis
  • Vertebrae

It also has a massive cleft on its lips.

The cat is currently on painkillers and will be kept at SPCA for 24 hours.

If the owner does not step up by the end of that period, the SPCA advises euthanising the cat.

As such, Ms Monteiro is urging the owners to contact her ASAP, to save it from certain death.

Hope the cat will recover soon!

If you know of anyone who owns a cat at the specified area, share this with them.

Despite the severity of the injury, we hope the cat will make a full recovery, and that its owners will step up soon to save it from being put to rest.

Get well soon, ‘lil kitty!

Featured image from Facebook and Google Maps.