McDonald’s Funan Has Free Hershey’s Cone When You Scream For Ice Cream From 29 Aug

Scream At McDonald’s Funan & Get Voucher For Free Hershey’s Cone When Target Decibel Level Is Reached

Have you heard of the song, “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream”?

Well, now Singaporeans can do this for real.

For a limited time, we can just scream at McDonald’s to get a free Hershey’s ice cream cone.

Source: Courtesy of McDonald’s

The fun promotion heralds the return of the fast-food chain’s Hershey’s desserts.

Scream into digital board at McDonald’s for free cone

No, they’re not encouraging entitled customers to get free food by shouting at staff.

According to McDonald’s, they’ll install a digital board at the soft serve booth of McDonald’s Funan from 29 to 31 Aug (Mon to Wed), 11am to 10pm.

Source: Google Maps

All you have to do is scream into the digital board and reach a target decibel level, and the plain vanilla cone in it will transform into a Hershey’s cone before your very eyes.

When the cone turns completely chocolate, you’ll get a voucher — available while stocks last — for a free yummy Hershey’s cone.

Source: Courtesy of McDonald’s

Hershey’s ice cream desserts making a comeback

The promotion is a way to welcome McDonald’s Hershey’s ice cream desserts, which are making a comeback. They were last on the menu in 2021.

Source: Courtesy of McDonald’s

Besides the regular Hershey’s cone, there’s also a chocolate-covered version if you still need more chocolatey goodness to satisfy your cravings.

Source: Courtesy of McDonald’s

The Hershey’s McFlurry is also returning in three forms: Hershey’s McFlurry, Hershey’s Mudpie McFlurry and Hershey’s Strawberry McFlurry.

(From left) Hershey’s McFlurry, Hershey’s Mudpie McFlurry and Hershey’s Strawberry McFlurry. Source: Courtesy of McDonald’s

Last but not least, there’s also the range of Hershey’s sundaes, which will come coated in either hot fudge or strawberry sauce.

(From left) Hershey’s Hot Fudge Sundae, Hershey’s Strawberry Sundae. Source: Courtesy of McDonald’s

The goodies will be available at all McDonald’s outlets at dessert kiosks in Singapore from 29 Aug (Monday), while stocks last.

Free cone from McDonald’s worth the scream

While screaming in public may seem undignified, it’s worth it to get a free delight from McDonald’s.

For those who don’t want to bust their vocal cords, they can always choose to purchase one of the Hershey’s desserts, of course.

The continual rollout of delicious limited-edition products is one of the reasons Singapore’s McDonald’s is regarded as top-tier, and we look forward to revisiting Hershey’s once again very soon.

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Featured image adapted from Google Maps and Facebook.

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