Seniors Urged To Order Takeaway From Hawker Centres, Avoid Dine-In & Chats Over Drinks

Seniors Should Order Takeaway Or Ask Household Members To Buy Food: NEA

As the number of Covid-19 cases climbs in the community, our senior citizens are the most vulnerable.

Elderly folks have comprised most of the fatalities from the virus in recent weeks, prompting growing concern for their welfare.

That’s why seniors are now being urged to order takeaway from hawker centres when patronising them.

Particularly, they should avoid dining in or sitting down for a chat over drinks.

Seniors at higher risk

In a Facebook post on Friday (1 Oct), the National Environment Agency (NEA) said seniors are at higher risk amid the current Covid-19 wave.


They’re more likely to develop serious health complications if infected.

It’s also no secret that many hawker centres and markets in Singapore have become Covid-19 clusters.

Thus, the NEA advised people with elderly family members or friends to remind them to dapao instead of mingling at hawker centres.

Seniors should take extra precautions at hawker centres

In a more detailed advisory on the NEA website, they urged seniors to take extra precautions when visiting hawker centres.

It’s understandable that they may want to patronise their favourite stalls, especially given that many hawkers need support.

However, they can do so by dapao-ing instead, the NEA said.

Another way to enjoy the food would be to ask household members to dapao for them if possible.

The agency particularly urged seniors to avoid eating in the premises, and chatting over drinks.

Other safe management measures (SMMs) that should be complied with include:

  1. keeping a safe distance from others, and not mingling
  2. keeping to permissible group sizes (it’s currently 2 people per group everywhere)
  3. wearing a mask properly, including once the meal is finished


NEA warns of firm enforcement

The NEA is serious about these rules, specifically pointing out certain types of behaviour that’s unacceptable:

  1. intermingling
  2. exceeding the group size of 2
  3. not wearing masks despite no longer eating or drinking
  4. consuming alcohol past 10.30pm

Feedback has also been received that groups have been seen lingering around – and breaching SMMs – at specific hawker centres.

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300 fines issued to rule-breakers

The NEA also warned that “firm enforcement action” will be taken against rule-breakers.

Enforcement officers have already stepped up their rounds at hawker centres and markets.

More than 300 fines have already been issued to those who failed to comply with advice.

98% of stallholders & assistants vaccinated

A positive thing that the NEA revealed is that 98% of stallholders and their assistants have been vaccinated.

However, that doesn’t mean that we can relax, as everyone still needs to be vigilant, they added.

The only way we can protect the community from Covid-19 is by strict compliance with SMMs.

Spotlight on our seniors

It seems that the spotlight is on our seniors now as we navigate this unprecedented Covid-19 surge.

On Thursday (30 Sep), the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) strongly urged those aged 60 and above and those staying with them to remain at home as much as possible.

A few weeks ago, Health Minister Ong Ye Kung also advised all seniors to reduce their social activities.

So even if you’re not a senior, let’s play our part by helping our seniors buy food and other essentials so they can stay at home.

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