Shamsul Kamar Responds To Texas Chicken Allegations, Says Event Postponed To After GE2020

Shamsul Kamar Debunks Allegations That Texas Chicken Event Used To “Lure” Malay Voters In Kaki Bukit

This year’s General Election has turned out to be more colourful than expected, both literally and figuratively.

From the multitude of opposition parties to supposed under-the-belt videos, the scene during General Election 2020 has been exciting, to say the least.

Just today (1 Jul), Shamshul Kamar – contesting for Aljunied Group Representation Constituency (GRC) – took to Facebook to clarify the situation regarding a Texas Chicken food distribution event.


Apparently, some recipients of the invitation took it the wrong way, and felt that they were being “baited” to vote instead.

Netizen thought Shamsul Kamar Texas Chicken was “bait”

The netizen originally posted a picture of the invitation to their Instagram story, which was then shared to All Singapore Stuff.

According to the translation by All Singapore Stuff, the letter informs the recipient that they are invited to a food distribution event at Texas Chicken, organised by Mr Shamsul.


In response, the netizen captioned the picture,

but seriously PAP? You gonna bait us with Texas Chicken? If Arnolds still never mind.

Giving out chicken wings & taking back the chicken

The picture circulated on other platforms like, where netizens commented that the food distribution reminded them of ‘taking back the whole chicken’, or empty promises.


Others pointed out that the activity could cause crowding, and posed questions as to why the event could still be held.


Shamsul Kamar clarified intentions

Mr Shamsul came forward shortly after to clarify netizens’ doubts about the event, as well as his intentions being it.

In his Facebook post, he wrote that the event was simply to help lower-income Malay Muslim families, and was organised prior to the General Election.


He added that the planning committee had begun to contact those invited to the event as well, to notify them of its postponement due to the General Elections.


Still, Mr Shamsul apologised for the misunderstanding and inconvenience he caused residents due to the event’s scheduling.

Situation overheating due to ‘Election Season’

We can’t be sure whether the event was truly neutral and had no political agenda behind it. Being in the midst of a General Election, things are sure to get tense and misinterpreted at times.

Hopefully, the event can take place safely after the election, and participants get to enjoy some chicken with their families, Arnolds or not.

Featured image adapted from The Rating Panda and All Singapore Stuff. Image on left is for illustration purposes only.

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