Japanese Clay Artist Makes Super Realistic Shiba Inu Mochi, We Thought They Were Edible

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Japanese Artist Makes Super Kawaii, ‘Zero Calorie’ Shiba Inu Mochi Out Of Clay

Singaporeans have 2 weaknesses: Food, and cute Japanese things.

This Japanese artist would’ve absolutely knocked the ball out of the park with their adorable, Shiba Inu mochis, but sadly, you can’t eat them.


They may look like pillowy bites of joy, but they’re actually clay, and inedible.

Kawaii animal mochi made of clay

If you’re in doubt, the artist who makes these kawaii clay art tweeted to confirm that they are not food.


Even then, it’s clear that they’ve mastered the art of mochi shaping, with delicate details on the little butts and faces of the Shiba Inus.


Makes different animals & ‘flavours’

The artist isn’t limited to just shiba inus, and branched out to other animals like bears and cats.

Here, they made what looks like ‘matcha mochi’, adorned with little bear faces. They look so soft and yummy, it’s seriously hard to believe they’re not real food.


Here they made some cat-themed mochi art, with a little green cat and calico-spotted mochis. The paw print is just darling.


They even put a spin on the very traditional dango, tucking the little bears in under a seaweed blanket.


Makes bread ornaments too

This talented clay artist doesn’t just make traditional Japanese sweets. They’ve ventured into the wonderful world of baked goods too.

Here, they experimented with donuts decorated with sea creatures and what looks like little raccoons.


They’ve even recreated slices of thick toast, buns and hamburgers, all with Shiba Inu faces on them.


We’re glad they’re clay, because they really are too cute to eat!

Support the artist’s work on social media

Unfortunately, the artisan clay food replicas don’t seem to be available in Singapore, so for now, you’ll have to live vicariously through the artist’s social media.

Thankfully, they upload often. Give them a follow on Twitter or Instagram to brighten up your feed with these cute little creations.

Featured image adapted from Twitter.

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