Singapore Transit Traveller Tests Positive For Covid-19 Upon Arrival In South Korea

Though there are still many travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Singapore’s Changi Airport has been allowing certain travellers to transit.

Specifically, Singapore Airlines (SIA) passengers from New Zealand and Australia are being allowed to transit in Changi en route to other destinations.

They’re subject to the necessary safety precautions, including being isolated from other passengers.

Thus, it’s alarming that one of these transit passengers has tested positive for Covid-19, and he or she was suspected to have gotten infected in Singapore.


Singapore transit traveller tests positive, was asymptomatic

According to a press release from New Zealand’s Ministry of Health on Monday (27 Jul), a traveller from the country tested positive for Covid-19 upon arriving in South Korea.

He or she left New Zealand on 21 Jul and landed in South Korea on 22 Jul.

The person was reportedly asymptomatic. However, he or she still tested positive after arrival in South Korea.

Suspected infection in Singapore

What’s of concern is that the traveller transited in Singapore en route to South Korea.

And according to the New Zealand Ministry of Health, the South Korean authorities told them,

…based on their initial investigations they suspect the traveller was infected during the transit in Singapore airport.


Other causes of infection can’t be ruled out

However, the New Zealand ministry said other causes can’t be ruled out yet.

This includes the possibility that the traveller was infected in New Zealand.

The ministry said it’s in close contact with South Korea and expects more information soon.

Alarming news

Whether the traveller got infected in Singapore or New Zealand, the news is alarming.

That’s because if he or she got infected in Singapore, that means there may have been a breach in our infection control measures, as transit passengers are supposed to be isolated in special Transit Holding Areas that are deep cleaned and disinfected regularly.

If the traveller got infected in New Zealand, there’s still the possibility that he or she could have infected airport staff or other passengers and crew.

It’s unclear whether the flight was an SIA flight, although only SIA flights so far have been allowed to transit in Singapore.

MS News will await more information on this shocking case, and will update readers accordingly.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.