Korea Has A Snorlax Mood Light That Can Relieve Your Stress For Sweeter Dreams

Stress and loneliness can make it difficult for us to get the quality shut-eye we deserve. Instead of contemplating the endless possibilities, you can literally lighten up the mood with this adorable merchandise.

10×10, an online store in South Korea, has a chubby Snorlax night light that can keep you company on lonely nights.

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Perhaps staring at this chonky Pokémon will evoke nostalgic memories that could trigger sweeter dreams.

Snorlax mood light is a calming bedside buddy

All of us want nothing more than some restful sleep after a productive day at work. Unwinding straight after finishing some stressful tasks, however, might not be as straightforward.

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Now here’s where this luminescent Snorlax proves useful. Emitting warm orange light from its entire body, the lamp exudes zen vibes that will make those work-related stress vanish.

Similar to its fictional counterpart, the lamp has a stout physique.

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This version, however, emits a soft glow that easily melts our hearts.

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We can’t help but be reminded of when Snorlax unleashes a Hyper Beam attack.


If the rotund Pokémon’s cuteness is too irresistible, you can even have him by your side, as you fall into a deep slumber after binging on some Netflix shows.

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For long-time fans, maybe staring at this lamp light will trigger wistful childhood memories of watching and playing Pokémon games with friends and the fam.


Snorlax can keep you company at work

Whether you’re working from home or in the office, Snorlax seems to be the ideal work buddy.


Give its head a little pat when you begin to feel tired and groggy.


We bet the cuteness overload will give you the energy you need to persist until your shift ends.


According to Cozy Styler, its battery can last up to 20 hours, so it can conveniently glow at your side. Once the battery runs out, you can power it with a USB charger to keep it aglow.


Get a chonky Snorlax for your table or nightstand

The Snorlax mood light is available on 10×10 for S$34.37 (28,900 won).


You can also find the product on Cozy Styler, a Hong Kong-based online gift shop, for S$61.44 (HK$358).


We highly recommend getting in touch with the merchants to determine whether you can get it shipped to your location.

Snorlax mood light promises a restful slumber

When it comes to slumber, sleeping like Snorlax is the ideal aspiration. We all need quality rest just like the chubby Pokémon is famous for.

While it’s not available in Singapore yet, we hope local merchants will get their hands on this soon. Pair it with a Snorlax sofa and you can expect to sleep like a boss.

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Featured image adapted from 10×10 Korea