Sony’s Reon Pocket Keeps Shirts Cool By Up To 13°C

We’ve struggled to keep our clothes free from sticky sweat droplets as we commute to the office or school. In sunny & ever humid Singapore, the dilemma is definitely real and constant.

The good news is Sony has created a possible solution to our long-time issues by introducing a wearable aircon named Reon Pocket. The device can keep shirts cool by up to 13°C during the hot summer months.

The miniature device also lives up to its name because you can place it in your pocket and carry it wherever 24/7.

Sony launches wearable aircon

Sony’s Reon Pocket is a miniature wearable device that can cool or warm up your body.

Once you experience Singapore’s sweltering heat, you can tune-up and it’ll keep you cool by up to 13°C. Interestingly, it can warm you up to 8°C if you’re ever going on vacation up north in winter.


Unlike a regular aircon unit, the device doesn’t emit noises when changing the temperature. Instead, it relies on the ‘Peltier effect‘ which allows it to absorb or emit heat through electrical currents.

Worn with a special undershirt

To keep your back cold or warm, Sony also designed a special undershirt with a pouch located at the back of your neck.


Since the device only weighs 89 grams, you can easily commute and fulfill your daily activities with the product attached on your back. Each shirt is made of polyester fabric with flat seams, so it’ll seem invisible under your business attire.


Sony recommends that users wear breathable and loose clothing for premium performance. The company also warns that wearing too much inner-wear may reduce the impact of the device.

Mobile app lets you control temperature on-the-go

You can easily adjust the temperature through a mobile app that lets you manually adjust the temperature with their Android or iOS phone. Auto-mode lets the device determine the proper temperature based on the current circumstances.


Unfortunately, the wearable only has a 90-minute battery life, but at least it’s guaranteed to get you through your commute. It also takes 2 hours until a full charge via USB Type-C.

Wearable aircon is not for exercising

The Reon Pocket was primarily designed for commuting and daily activities.

Since it’s the first time we’ve seen a wearable aircon, you may be excited to try it out in all types of environments.


However, Sony warns that the device is not suitable for exercise or intense workouts. The main body is waterproof so avoid activities that can make you sweat intensely and don’t expose it to water or snow.

You may view the full list of precautions on the company website.

Wearable aircon available in Airfrov

The Reon Pocket is available in Amazon Japan for S$243.83 (¥ 18,800).

Undershirts are sold separately at S$25 (¥ 1,980) each so you can easily buy a bundle.


While it’s not available in local stores yet, merchants from Airfrov are collecting requests from interested shoppers from S$140.


Keep cool during a commute

Many of us can relate to the struggle of keeping our shirts cool amid the sweltering heat. While we’ve relied on light clothing, the Reon Pocket promises a more effective solution.

We imagine you can probably arrive in your office looking sharp in a suit, having successfully conquered our humid temperatures.

Are you interested in this groundbreaking device? Let us know in the comments.

Featured image adapted from Sony.