Thomson Plaza Koufu Food Court Launches Month-Long ‘Table Shields’ Trial

During Phase 2 post ‘Circuit Breaker’, dining in at F&B outlets will be allowed. But how will this look like in the era of social distancing?

In a press release, ComfortDelGro announced that their advertising arm – Moove Media – will sponsor the month-long trial of ‘table shields’ at Thomson Plaza’s Koufu food court. The initiative will determine whether the transparent acrylic shields are a safe solution for locals dining out.


Until we have a vaccine against Covid-19, this could be the future of dining.

Month-long trial for ‘table shields’ at Thomson Plaza food court

The ‘table shields’ will be on trial for a month from when Phase 2 of reopening begins.

As a part of the month-long trial, Moove Media will equip 50 tables in Thomson Plaza’s Koufu Food Court with table shields.

Moove Media CEO, Mrs Jayne Kwek, shared that they explored the possibility of placing acrylic shields on dining tables so that patrons can eat in comfort and safety during Phase 2 of reopening.

Thanks to this innovation, you could dine with friends or go on a date with bae while safely apart.

The base of the partition is securely fastened so there’s no need to fear that they’ll fall any time soon. Since they’re made of acrylic, stall owners can easily maintain and clean them too.

Inspired by ComfortDelGro’s V-shields

The table shields seem familiar because they’re similar to the “V-shields” or plastic shields in ComfortDelGro’s cabs.

Last May, MS News reported that ComfortDelGro placed plastic shields to reduce the level of risk for drivers who are in close proximity to their passengers.

400 S’pore Taxis Have Plastic Shield As Extra Covid-19 Protection, May Become New Norm

The future of dining

ComfortDelGro and Moove media hope that the table shields will ensure that locals will have some peace of mind when they dine out in the future. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to preventing Covid-19 transmission.

Since the shields are undergoing a one-month trial, we can’t predict if more F&B outlets will opt to install them soon. With Phase 2 post-‘Circuit Breaker’ possibly happening soon, there’s a chance we’ll see more of these or other innovative methods.

Contraptions aside, we’ll have to remain vigilant and abide by social distancing protocols to flatten the curve and eradicate the coronavirus.

Photos courtesy of ComfortDelgro unless otherwise stated.