Tokyo Banana Has Pikachu Pillows For Comfy Snuggles, Only Available In Japan

Tokyo Banana is a popular dessert snack. Almost every Singaporean who returns from their Japan trip would bring back their delectable banana cakes as gifts for friends.

But if you also love huggable Pokémon merch, then you’ll fall for this unexpected collaboration.

The company launched a Pikachu pillow with soft and fluffy cheeks in April. We bet fans of Tokyo Banana and Pokémon will fall for this banana version of Pikachu that looks irresistibly adorable.

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These pillows are currently available in Japan only, but more on that later.

Tokyo Banana Pikachu pillows to snuggle with

Amid the current travel restrictions, local fans might not be updated about the company’s latest offerings. So for starters, they released Pikachu and Eevee banana cakes last November.


Not surprisingly, foodies will gush at these smol desserts and resist the urge to eat them for as long as possible.


On the bright side, those who want a long-lasting version of this treat can opt to get them as Pikachu pillows instead.

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The banana-shaped pillow has a smiling Pikachu at the front and a charming lightning tail at the back.

Human-sized Pikachu pillow

Measuring 120cm in length, this Pikachu Banana pillow is equivalent to the height of five Tokyo Banana boxes.

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Parents will find that the human-sized merchandise could even be taller than their young kids. Whether you’re a child or an adult, it’s the perfect product to snuggle with after school or WFH.


We hope you’re resting as well as this kid after cuddling this massive merchandise.


Available as lucky draw reward

While we want to get our very own Pikachu pillows, getting one requires a bit of effort.

According to their Twitter account, they only have 25 Pikachu pillows available, which will be used as rewards for their social media campaign.


Sadly, the campaign has ended in April. But we sure hope they’ll release something equally cute in the coming days.

Snuggling Pikachu pillows

These Pikachu banana cake pillows are the perfect items to snuggle with after enduring a stressful WFH day.

That said, once travel restrictions are lifted, you might want to include Tokyo Banana’s Pokemon-themed banana cakes and pillows in your souvenir list.

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Featured image adapted from Twitter