Poor M’sian Uncle Feeds Stray Dogs Daily Despite Not Having Enough Food For Himself

Poor Malaysian Uncle Feeds Some 20 Stray Dogs, Treats Them As Family

Choosing to let someone have what you have rare is sometimes easier said than done.

A Malaysian uncle has mastered the virtue of sharing, showing there’s always enough as long as our hearts are big.

Uncle Zheng Shui Fa, 60, who lives in Seremban city, Malaysia, is often seen feeding 20 stray dogs around his house using leftover food he has from the day.


And this is despite having lost his job after suffering injuries, which ultimately means that he doesn’t even have enough for himself to get by.

Lost job due to poor health

According to Malaysian Chinese portal Kwong Wah Daily on Wednesday (2 Oct), Uncle Zheng had liver cancer. Though his condition improved after going for treatment.

Just when things seemed to be getting better for him, tragedy struck again. He got into an accident and suffered a fracture.

The after-effects of the accident hindered him from doing physical labour at the wood factory he worked at. And he eventually lost his job.

He no longer had a stable source of income and was struggling to make ends meet.

House in dilapidated condition

Volunteers from a Malaysian charity association visited Uncle Zheng’s house and were shocked to see his living conditions.

He was living in a dilapidated kampung house, in an area so ulu that no one would have noticed if not for the volunteer guiding them, according to Kwong Wah Daily.


His house was dirty, with rubbish and old items scattered all around. There was also no running water in his house, causing the house to smell like latrine.


He trapped rainwater for bathing and boiled it for consumption.

Although he leads a tough and uncertain life, he had never complained, reported Sin Chew Daily.

Uncle feeds dogs despite not having enough

Despite having no income, Uncle Zheng insisted on feeding 20 stray dogs that lepak around his house.

He considered them as family. He told Sin Chew Daily,

They are my friends, I must feed them even if I don’t get to eat!

Every day, he would ride his motorcycle to a nearby shop to pick up leftovers and scraps to feed the dogs. He then cooks whatever he gets in rainwater for the dogs’ meals.


Meanwhile, Uncle Zheng’s own lunch is provided by the same shop.

Yet, he sometimes goes hungry when the shop runs out of food. He would then have to wait for dinner to be delivered by a volunteer.

Volunteers are raising funds for him

The volunteers from the charity association are currently raising funds for Uncle Zheng.


Their main concern now is for Uncle Zheng’s safety in his own house. which is at risk of collapsing due to flooding and strong winds during heavy storms.

A volunteer shared,

A few days ago, some strong winds blew the zinc roofs away and the structure of the house slanted further. We are afraid that the wooden house can collapse anytime on him.

According to her, renovation works on Uncle Zheng’s house should be carried out as soon as possible.

Uncle Zheng’s touching generosity

Uncle Zheng’s generosity is inspiring for everyone. His selflessness towards these stray dogs is moving. While he may not be rich, he has a heart of gold.

If you too are touched by his story and would like to help, you can contact Mr Mike Chen at +6017-330 3677 for enquiries on donations.

Featured image adapted from Kwong Wah Daily and Sin Chew Daily.

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