You Can Print Your Vaccination Status On A T-Shirt To Show You’re Fully Protected

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Print Your Vaccination Status On A T-Shirt

These days, to dine in at many F&B places, you have to prove that you’re fully vaccinated using your TraceTogether or HealthHub app.

But what if you can simply wear your vaccination status — literally?

That’s what a number of people are doing, including influencer Jade Rasif.

On 14 Aug, she showed off a T-shirt showing her vaccination report from the Ministry of Health (MOH).


It turns out that there’s a local shirt printer that can get you a personalised T-shirt to proudly show off your status.

Print your vaccination status on a T-shirt

If you find it leceh to take out your phone* to prove that you’re fully vaccinated, perhaps consider getting a personalised T-shirt.

(Note: You still have to do this even if you have the shirt to prove your status)


The T-shirt will have your name and NRIC number, censored of course, along with a confirmation of when you received your vaccine doses.

Print your shirt from a local shop

Want to snag your own vaccine report shirt? You’ve come to the right place.

Ms Rasif also linked the place she got her shirt from, which you can check out here.

With no minimum order, you can have a shirt just for yourself, or get them for your whole family or group of buddies.

In a subsequent story shared by Ms Rasif, the shirt printer actually noticed her shoutout and thanked her profusely.


Business might just improve for this small local firm thanks to this ingenious idea.

Still gotta use your TraceTogether app to prove status

There’s been a lot of talk about whether having differentiated rules for the fully vaccinated and those that aren’t is discrimination.

Well, at the end of the day it’s about public health — if you’re not vaccinated out of choice, you’re likely to be more vulnerable to the virus.

Meanwhile, the fully vaccinated have done their duty to protect themselves and others, and we can’t remain in perpetual lockdown.

Although showing off your vaccination status is entirely a matter of personal choice, since local businesses aren’t doing so well, this can be a way of supporting them too.

Of course, you’ll still have to use your TraceTogether or HealthHub app and ensure that you aren’t using a screenshot to prove your status.

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