Wuhan Virus Survivor Shares 16-Day Battle & Road To Recovery In Hubei

As of Saturday (1 Feb), 18 patients have been afflicted with the Wuhan virus – a novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) which causes pneumonia – in Singapore.

But how does one even begin to survive an infection by a strange new virus?

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A 37-year-old man named Li Zhendong, who hails from Jingzhou City in China, shared his experience online after he made a full recovery in a 16-day battle for his life.

You can check out his story here in this video by Sixth Tone:

We summarise his harrowing but miraculous experience below.

First Wuhan virus patient diagnosed in Jingzhou

Mr Li was the first patient diagnosed as part of the viral outbreak in Jingzhou City – about a 3-hour drive from Wuhan – in Hubei Province.

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Seeking to spread awareness about the plights of his fellow patients, he shared his experience & treatment process online.

4 stages of infection, recovery took 16 days

Mr Li was made to undergo the following tests while warded in the hospital:

  • Blood tests
  • Chest radiography
  • Ultrasound tests

In the first phase of treatment, he shares that personal nutrition was key in ensuring that his body’s immune system was fit to combat the virus.

Mr Li claims that eating regularly & well, even if one has no appetite, reduces the risk of losing your immunity & resistance.

High fever of 38-40°C for up to 4 days

The second stage – which lasts 3-4 days – involves a high fever anywhere from 38-40°C through the night.

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Mr Li spoke carefully about being mentally prepared & always having faith in your own immune system’s ability to combat the virus — a true battle of mind over body.

Once patients last through Stage 2 – arguably the most challenging phase of the viral infection – their bodies will naturally “get stronger” and begin fighting the virus.

Surviving the battle of mind over body

This brings us to Stage 3 — aka recovery. In this stage, Mr Li shares that doctors will prescribe medicine depending on each patient’s remaining symptoms.

Following the doctor’s orders & recommendations closely is key at this stage of the infection.

Doctors will typically keep patients under close observation as the body does the rest of the healing, until the final stage is complete.

A “nucleic acid test” will then be conducted, and if the patient tests negative, they’ll be allowed to return home.

Emerged victorious in 16-day battle against Wuhan virus

As a survivor of the novel coronavirus, Mr Li leaves his audience with a poignant message,

I survived the battle against the coronavirus. I believe all of you can too .You must be hopeful & hold on until the end.

Thankfully, Mr Li was declared fit to leave the hospital after he emerged victorious in his 16-day battle with the coronavirus.

Raising awareness for the plight of Wuhan virus patients

Mr Li shares that he’s a regular citizen – among thousands of other patients around the world – who don’t have extensive medical knowledge at their disposal, but have fallen prey to the infection.

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He hopes his story will help other netizens understand the struggles that his fellow patients face on a daily basis & that his survival will remind other patients & their loved ones that recovery is possible.

Powerful message about survival

We’re glad that Mr Li is one among many who have already made a successful recovery from the coronavirus. Hopefully, his story of survival will inspire others to persevere in their ongoing battles against the outbreak.

Regardless of who or where they are, we hope the human spirit will continually prevail in the fight for survival.

Featured image adapted from Sixth Tone on Facebook.