Kind S’porean Gives Auntie $50 As CNY Angbao, Tells Her To Stop Working & Go Home

Singaporean Man Spots Auntie Rummaging Through Rubbish During CNY, Gives Her $50

Chinese New Year is many Singaporean-Chinese’s favourite holiday. Most of us take advantage of the 2-day break to get some rest, catch up with family, and gorge on goodies.

Even though it’s thought to be the norm, not all of us are lucky enough to experience that.

Some people, like this auntie, was spotted rummaging through rubbish, have to work.

Noticing the woman, a netizen known as Fai Bani made her first day of CNY a whole lot better with a gesture of kindness — handing her a $50 angbao.

He took to Facebook to share what he did for the auntie in a post.


Auntie was looking through rubbish

On the first day of CNY (25 Jan), Fai Bani spotted an elderly Chinese lady looking through rubbish for things she could collect and sell.

CNY is a public holiday that many Chinese look forward to celebrating with their loved ones. This lady, however, didn’t seem to be lucky enough to do that.

Fai Bani’s heart went out to her, and he decided to spread some CNY cheer with her by giving her something special.

Watch the video he posted to see what he did for her.

Wished the auntie well & gave her $50 angbao

Fai Bani passed the auntie a $50 note, greeting her with CNY greetings in Chinese.

The auntie was initially surprised and hesitant, but Fai Bani grasped her hand warmly, passing her the money.


Although her face is mostly cut out of the video, it’s clear that she’s smiling and was moved by the gesture.


Fai Bani patted her on the shoulder too, telling her in Malay to “go home” so she could rest and enjoy the holiday.

Netizens applaud his kindness

The original Facebook post has over 2,800 shares. Many netizens have commented, applauding Mr Fai Bani’s kind gesture.

Some feel that he has set a great example for all Singaporeans by reminding us to be kind to all.


Others returned the favour, wishing him well with CNY greetings too.


Above all, netizens were reminded that it’s truly the thought that counts when it comes to kindness.


A simple act of goodwill moved many

Even though Fai Bani wasn’t obligated to help the auntie out, he did it out of pure goodwill and wanting to make her day a little bit more festive.

An act of kindness as simple as this heartening to see in a period riddled with Wuhan virus woes.

We hope that this inspires even more acts of kindness in Singaporeans. Let’s spread the love, not the Wuhan virus.

Featured image adapted from Facebook

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