Nissin Has Cup Noodle Bath Toys That Float Like Your Favourite Ingredients

Nissin Cup Noodle Bath Toys Let You Soak In Meat, Eggs & Shrimp

Instant noodles are best enjoyed with classic ingredients like meat and shrimp. While we want a piping hot cup of ramen to satisfy our cravings, would you consider soaking in them for bath time too?

Last Friday (26 Nov), Nissin Japan conceptualised cup noodle bath toys with lifelike meat, shrimp, and eggs then shared them on Twitter.

The caption is translated as “I made a bath toy that gives you the feeling of the ingredients of Cup Noodles.”.

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If you crave the smell of piping hot ramen, then you’ll probably want to try smelling like it too.

Nissin cup noodle bath toys are made of sponge & paint

Nissin cup noodle bath toys can float on water. Put it in the tub, and it seems like you’re being ‘cooked’ along with the ingredients.

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The toys are handmade from sponge and covered in intricate paint. Kudos to Nissin for the realistic appearance that can fool die-hard foodies.

cup noodle bath toys 2Source

Perhaps you can put this massive shrimp on the dinner table to see how your mum would react. We imagine her expression will change from excitement to disappointment once she finds out it’s a mere toy.


According to 9GAG, the toys were also put in bath salt to mimic the flavour of instant noodles.


Now that you can literally soak in its flavour, maybe you won’t mind relaxing in the tub for a few hours.

Not available for sale for now

Though Nissin conceptualised these bath toys, they’re not for sale at the moment. The brand will consider selling them if it becomes popular.

Only time will tell whether we can soak in instant noodle ingredients.

Bathe with your fav ingredients

Having a bath with your favourite ingredients seems like a dream come true for die-hard Nissin fans. Even better, if these toys are imbued with the smell and tang of meat, egg, and shrimp.

Hopefully, these cup noodle bath toys will be available in stores in the future. We’re all curious to know how it feels to soak in ramen.

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Featured image adapted from Twitter and ITmedia Japan.

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