Green Pigeons Cuddle In The Rain At Tanah Merah, Photographer Captures Tender Moment

Green Pigeons At Tanah Merah Cuddle To Stay Warm In The Rain

Singapore has seen a chilly start to 2021, with constant rain over the first few days of the year.

Amid the downpour, a photographer managed to capture a tender moment between 2 pink-necked green pigeons on New Year’s day.

Green pigeonsImage courtesy of Adam Maniam

Just like us humans seeking comfort from the cold, these pigeons found warmth in each other’s company.

Green pigeons huddled tight as rain grew heavier

Wildlife photographer Adam Maniam shared that he wasn’t expecting to do any nature photography on 1 Jan due to the rainy weather.

However, as he was getting ready to leave the house, he caught a pair of green pigeons trying to keep warm in the rain.

As Adam had a camera and birdwatching lens on his desk, he managed to capture the 2 lovebirds cuddling to keep dry.

Green pigeonsImage courtesy of Adam Maniam

Speaking to MS News, Adam said that the birds were rather far away, and the rain didn’t help in getting a good shot. But his efforts paid off, as he managed to capture a precious moment for posterity.

Despite the rain, the pigeons kept close to each other. As the drizzle slowly grew into a downpour, one of the birds burrowed deeper under its partner’s wings. Aww.

CuddlingImage courtesy of Adam Maniam

Adam shared the pictures in several Facebook groups such as Nature Society (Singapore), where some members were touched and asked for permission to share them with family and friends.

Nature photographer learning from the pros in Singapore

Adam told MS News that he picked up nature photography about 5 years ago, and has learnt from many photographers who specialise in the field of animal pictures.

Armed with their wisdom, he has been able to gather a sizeable portfolio of wildlife shots taken when he’s out and about.

BirdsImage courtesy of Adam Maniam

Adam shared that the hobby is a great outlet to take one’s mind off work while making new friends out in nature.

HuntingImage courtesy of Adam Maniam

His pictures truly show us what one can do if they take time to hone a skill and pay attention to the finest details.

SpiderImage courtesy of Adam Maniam

Perhaps his stunning photos will inspire some of us to explore this hobby ourselves.

A picture speaks a thousand words

Be it a snapshot of  love birds looking out for each other or otters lepaking in style, pictures can have the potential to convey emotions more easily than words.

Hopefully Adam will be able to encounter the green pigeon couple once more, perhaps this time with the sun shining brightly over their heads.

If you’d like to see more of his work, check out his Instagram page @adammaniam here.

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Featured images courtesy of Adam Maniam.

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